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So I have my Druid all generated, and he's got a name, Lur'Hion Redleaf.

Other than that, I've got nothing. Greg, you and I are going to have to put our minds together for a background. I'll converse with you via email, and once we have his background squared away, I'll post it in the Character info Forum.

Angela's Character is a human fighter... and it's a guy. He's going to be pretty basic, as he's going to be her first character, with the exception of Lia, whom she's only played once. His name is Lou. :) He's got a long sword and a light cross bow.

The character quirks, I'd like to request, that we keep it easy right now. We need her to get used to the game mechanics before playing an entirely dynamic character...

the clock thing is set per user. if you go into your account preferences (in "Your Account" there's a link "Your info" There's an option to change the time. Change it to GMT -5. That's the eastern US zone.

Ok.  I figured out the clock.  GMT + 7.    I'm content and happy now.

Well.............at least for the next few moments :lol:

Cool.  I'm glad you're ok with it!   Now I need same basic specs on Angela's fighter.   Is she a straight fighter?  Will she have a kit of sorts?
What weapons does she prefer?   Is there a namyet?  etc. etc.  
Once that stuff gets worked out, I will figure out how she will tie into my camoaign.    

By the way, the clock on Griznuq is driving me nuts!   Is GMT Greenwich Meantime?   If so how many hours are we from England, six?
If not, how do I set it to jive with Eastern Standard Time Zone?
Thanks, Blackspear

That's cool. I can work with that. :)


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