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« on: March 21, 2005, 08:56:02 AM »
Laren stands only three feet, four inches, and is slender for his height. he's light-hearted, but always seems to be thinking about something else. An agile mind with a wandering eye. He's almost always humming or whistling a tune, usually a dance ditty, and he likes to make light of every situation. Always generous if he thinks it might better his own situation, and likes to make people laugh.
"Quick with a joke, or a light-up your smoke, but there's some place that he'd rather be!"
He says "Garret this mead here, is filling me!" as a trickle runs away, down his leg.
"Well I'm sure that I could pee behind the bar, if I could get out of this keg!"

Uh... *cough*... Sorry... :p

He loves to eat, he loves to dance and he loves to sing. He never outwardly shows any sign of stress or concern, and he feels it?s a sign of weakness. If asked his profession he will reply "Making merry!" and he will off the asker a drink, mainly to change the subject.

He?s always trying to reason things out, and only resorts to violence when all else fails, always trying to divert his enemies as opposed to fight them.

A loyal group member but a spiteful adversary, devious and begrudging. Not above hitting below the belt. (It?s as high as he can reach!)

One of the more interesting parts about Laren is that he's doesn't seem overly nosey. He seems perfectly happy with not knowing what he doesn't know. however, this is just a tactic. He knows that most of the time, when someone hints at something, it's because they want to share it, and thinking that Laren did not pick up on the hint, they will elaborate in their own time. Patience is a virtue. This is why Laren often seems to miss the obvious, sometimes making people question his intelligence. This is all part of the plan!