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Hey all,

I just posted the 1st Episode of the Threshold log.

I think I got most of the events down, but I know there is a lot of missing information.  Each of you should feel free to edit the log to elaborate on and embellish your character's actions or intentions.  It was a bit difficult to follow everything that went on while I was typing.

Also, while I think I got all of the PC names correct, I'm sure I misspelled some of the NPC names (and I didn't even have a name for Jarmok's mentor).  Dru, feel free to make the corrections in the log if you like.

Anyone who would rather just post corrections or info in here can do that instead, of course, and I will be happy to pop in occasionally and work it into the log.

Anyway, thanks for GMing, Dru!  That was fun and I'm definitely looking forward to more!

I think when i wrote that it was to mark something as if to say: "Johan, if there's anything that you wish to add here by all means please do". how you would actually know that's what i meant i'm not totally sure. i did the same up at the top when i wrote
--- Quote ---[Jarmok accepts the offer]
--- End quote ---

the brackets can go. i'm sure that if there's anything anyone wants to edit they'll do it with or without brackets.


--- Quote from: fraz ---[quote:4ffec4ca6f][Jarmok stays awake all night reflecting on the sudden change and cooks Mercer a fine breakfast for his journey beyond]
--- End quote ---

I dunno. I think that this was part of what WF input; I think the brackets can come out.


--- Quote from: fraz ---...an edited thread doesn't actually pop up in the "view posts since last visit" catagory.  Maybe just a note in here mentioning that you've modified it is good enough?
--- End quote ---

This was my realization too (that it doesn't flag itself as "new"). This is also why I feel like I should have posted the specific changes in a different thread; that way, we can all easily see what I've done, and someone (usually Wildfire) has a different recollection, more accurate or less, and that triggers additional details...yaddah, yaddah, yaddah.

In the future, I'll post my additions in it's own thread. Once we've hashed it out and incorporated them, we could simply delete the "editing" thread.


--- Quote from: wildfire ---Fraz, if you would please correct any spleling errorres i wood apresciate it.
--- End quote ---

Is that a challenge?  Heh!  :-D


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