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Maal Brengain
« on: March 20, 2005, 12:57:55 AM »

Maal Brengain is a 6'2" young human woman. She wears a black leather breast-plate and kilt, and heavy knee-length boots. For weapons, she carries a short throwing spear, a round wooden shield, and a branch of stag antlers common to the wildlander folk.

Maal Brengain's long, straight, black hair is parted in the middle and hangs down loosely over her broad shoulders. Her pale skin contrasts sharply with her dark hair and black eyes giving her an almost ghostly appearance. Her facial features are odd and not generally attractive. She has hard angular features with high cheekbones, a cleft chin, and a prominent nose (with an odd bump near the bridge, probably from a past break). She also has a small, serious mouth with a vertical scar across the upper lip. Beneath this scar is a chipped upper front tooth.

Her muscles are well defined despite her lean and slim build. Her hips are narrow and her chest small and flat. Her stern and humorless demeanor is such that she rarely seems to smile or laugh (but when she does the corners of her mouth barely move, while her upper lip tends to curl up into an awkward sneer).


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Maal Brengain
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2005, 10:52:42 PM »
It's called the Spike of Fire and stands tall on the cliff at the southern end of The Foot.

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