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FK Log Correction


Hey kids. I was just perusing the FK log, specifically session 16, and made a correction. 'Tis a minor thing, but should be corrected.

On the evening when you left the lodge, there's a line that says that the full moon is four or five days away. The date, however, is Sap / Delver's +28, and that means that this coming night will be the first of the new Moon.

I replaced that remark with the following:
The comming night will be the first of the new Moon (what the elves call the "Sprouting Grass Moon" and the Dwarves call the "Egg Moon").

Matt, can you please make this change to the log that appears in the public domain ("Home" page)?

As an additional note, for log purposes, tonight (when you all die) would be Sprouting Grass / Egg -1


The change has been done.

Great! Just what i've always wanted...death. How does Valen die? Eaten by the Tarrasque?

...we can only hope


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