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I read the brief history and current events quickly. I am very impressed with what appears to be a fantastic storyline.

Are humans the predominant races within all the city states? Do they rule over these four?

In Session 06: Bramblethorn.... Sayer arrived (Duthash Albyr Basque) the day before the troops left (Duthash Albyr Aryor).

::Columbo voice:: Oh yeah, just one more thing that's on my mind...

Sayer is Kurrian.  How much time passed between the reassignment of the Kurrian troops and the arrival of Sayer?

I can almost hear the dialogue:

ArchDuke: I am sorry, but the Disciples of the Shadow are too strong of a threat.  I am withdrawing the Kurrian troops from Fortmount.

Threshold Council: [concerned] What are we to do?

ArchDuke: In place of the troops, I am sending this one counsellor.

Threshold Council: [long pause] He doesn't have any eyebrows.

ArchDuke: You can keep him.

humans and half-elves are the major populations in the City-States. Dwarves stay close to their undercities. Halflings are found all over but don't have a population like humans and half-elves. Elves stay in Kaaryn'Zyth (the Elven homeland) but some leave to see beyond their homeland. Gnomes are rare but not unseen in the City-States...their lands are in the wooded foothills of the Dragonteeth Mountains south of Xanthakos.


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