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Hobgoblin money

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I keep forgettting to note that the 40 PP that were found in session 4 on the hobgoblins need to be split up.

They should be divvied up between Mel, T'Riad, Mel, Elberron, Mel, and Amy. My personal feeling is the since Dave and Decal didn't participate in the fight, then they can safely be left out. Although Mel should be included. If there are no objections to this, I think we should split that money up evenly. That would be 6PP each (for the 6 of us, including Mel) and would leave 4 left-overs that "someone" could hand onto.

If we think that D&D should be included, and I can easily argue for that as well, then (having included Mel as well), then there would be 5PP each (40PP divided 8 times).


I just *love* math... :D

i'm not sure what i'll spend it on since we get everything for free but i'll take the 5 platinum anyway. we just may be able to get some information from these pieces...

works for me.

I am totally open to that. In fact, I advocated it from the begining. That's 5PP each, are we agreed?


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