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Mel's ranting then begot this string of replies:

Elberrin (regarding Mel's assertion that Dwarves eat other humanoids at the Dwarven Year-End festival):

Come on, Strongbow, don?t you know anything? Have you ever noticed that there are no elves alive at these festivals?

Red meat off the shank?

Elb: UGH, that's AWEFULL!!! Disgusting little things!!!

GM on the Twin Cataclysm question:
The Twin Cataclysm is a part of Greyhawk history that almost every child learns of when growing up. Two races over a thousand years ago were at war on a vast continent west of the Flanaess. At the end of this war they almost destroyed each other with powerful magics inflicted by spellcasters working in concert (la, la, la). Their vast land was destroyed. The survivors (a whole continent of them) migrated to this continent, now know as the Flanaess.

T'Riad: <Openly smirking at Mel's cross referencing logic of the rumors, T'riad (pronounced: tee-re-ahhd or tear-e-ahhd) asks as he swings his kamas around weaving a web of invisible cuts and slashes:> "tell me more about the Scarlet Brotherhood. what sort of interst would they have in this place?" he further inquires, "Despite the rumors that no one has returned, has there been any sort of research on the flora (plant life) of this place? If so could I read the documentations of such endeavors if there are some available?"

Mel responds:
Well, Teary-eyed (somehow I think that name fits Strongbow better, but?) The Scarlet Brotherhood is a congregation of red people who live in the southern peninsula just south of Dullstrand. Some griznuqs say that they are red because of a permanent pocked-fever, others say it?s sun-burn, but whatever the case, they?re really just a bunch of fun-loving folks who nonetheless get grouchy if you touch them. They claim it?s the pain from the rash/burn, but those who know them best say that they?re just isolationists.

Oh, they rape, pillage, and murder when they have the opportunity. Kind of like ogres, but smarter. But that doesn?t make them bad people, just?misunderstood.

And they would be interested in their ancestral home for sentimental reasons. And, to breed a race of arrow-proof villains.

Some other, more level-headed person on the ship corrects Mel (and that's the last thing he ever did... :evil: )

The Scarlet Brotherhood has double-meaning. It is a group of red monks, and, a place on the Flanaess.
The Scarlet Brotherhood was until recently a secret, apparently isolated power in the Flanaess. It came into it's own during the Greyhawk Wars, toppling governments in a campaign of espionage, blackmail and assassination. Prior to revealing itself, the Brotherhood had planted agents in the courts of rulers throughout the Flanaess. The revelation of the order has caused much paranoia and (often observed) exiles and assassinations within circles of rulership.
Because of this deceit, the Brotherhood gained a far stronger political foothold during the Greyhawk Wars. The cult monks are now feared throughout the land.

I thought I'd post Mel's rantings as they pretain to the MSI rumor mill...

In no specific order:

?    Centuries ago, after the Twin Cataclysm and at the time of the great migration, a clan of dwarves abandoned the chaos that destroyed their home in the Crystalmist Mountains. They journeyed on a great pilgrimage east to the end of Greyhawk, some stayed where Dullstrand now lies, but most took a journey that most dwarves wouldn?t dare, across the ocean. Some say they made it to the Isle of Brennen.

What is the ?Twin Cataclysm? What was the ?great migration??

?    The Isle of Brennen has never been approachable by ship due to an impenetrable dangerous reef that would destroy any ship that would dare come close. The currents outside the reef have been deemed cursed, as they have been known to draw a ship close to the reef, only to push ships with jarring speed into the jagged barrier.

Not much to say on this one.

?    Spellcasters have attempted travel to the Isle with many types of magic, none have ever returned, it has always been a one-way trip.


?    Men have tried to fly creatures to the Isle, they have always been met and eliminated by a ferocious green dragon.

If there are no surviving witnesses, how do we know what befell them?

?    Ships have also battled many aquatic races who have preyed upon any daring to explore. The unfortunate explorers, far from home, have many times been defeated by the militeristic and unmerciful humanoids from the deep.

This is just plain ridiculous. Militaristic humanoids from the deep. What?ll they think of next?

?    Bronze Dragons have been seen leaving different areas of the eastern coast of the Flanaess, never to return. It is thought that they come to the Isle of Brennen to die. It is thought that they go to an ancient burial ground that is guarded by one of their oldest.

Again ? no one ever returns, but we know there?s a huge, ancient, bronze dragon?

?    It has been said that the evil monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood already have a foothold and claim to the Isle of Brennen. They are rumoured to use the Isle as a training camp and military base for a new contingent of warriors who will be unleashed across the Flanaess.

How did the evil monks get there? The island is unapproachable, either by land of sea, but somehow, dwarfs and evil monks can alight with relative ease?

?    A clan of elves abandoned the Lendore Isles centuries ago and are now living on the Isle.

And so can elves. Why weren?t they eaten by dragons (green or bronze) or militaristic humanoids from the deep (hahahahaha ? wipe the tears). Or dwarves, for that matter; everyone knows they eat other humanoids at their end of year festival.

?    Admiral Shakahr, Fleet Commander of the Combined Forces of Dullstrand, and captain of the Flagship Endeavor has been known to be demanding, strict and unforgiving to the men who serve him. It is thought he forced his son Trekell, now missing with nine others, to stay at the Isle.

Could be ? you know how humans are?

?    Lord Torlann Torkanius has been caught in embarassing perdicaments with a Dullstrand Councilor's daughter, and was forced to lead the troops as Outpost Commander or lose his rank amongst the knighthood.

Could be ? you know how humans are?

?    The Isle is named after a Druid Heirophant who lived close to a thousand years ago.  He was an introverted but powerful spellcaster whom was known to surround himself with creatures summoned from other realms.

Oh ? and Druid Heirophants can land here without being eating by the dwarves who also couldn?t land here, or beaten by the elves or evil monks, none of whom were able to land here?not to mention the green and bronze dragons.

?    The Merchant Oceanic Federation Assembly (MOFA), a major contributor to this venture, is not only interested in the Isle as a Mid-way shipping point of the Solnor Ocean. They also believe there is a large vein of platinum in the mountains of the Isle.

Can you see the meeting: ?There?s this island, I think it has platinum veins.?

?What makes you think that??

??Well, it?s an island, and there are probably platinum veins.?

?What evidence do you have of platinum??

?It?s an island.?

?And the platinum???

?Is in its veins.?

*sigh* ?Has anyone told you there?s platinum there??

?Well, no, you see no one?s ever been able to land there, and of those who have landed there, no one?s ever returned.?
?No one?s ever been able to land there??

?Correct.? [smiles]

?But someone did??

?Correct.? [head bobbing like an epileptic kobold]

?And they?ve never returned??

?Correct.? [getting into it now ? everything he?s tried to explain has been heard]

?We?ve never heard from them??

?Correct.? [wait a minute ? if we?ve never heard from anyone?]

?Well, by gum, there must be platinum there! Let?s mount an expedition and find the dwarves!?

?What about the evil monks?? [there?s still an issue?]

?Let the elves have them.?

?What elves?? [who said anything about elves?]

?The elves who couldn?t possibly have landed there, idiot.?

I guess that could happen ? you know how humans are?

?  The Isle is a haven for a pirate fleet consisting of vessels that are capable of traveling underwater.

Ahhh?more people or could never have landed there. This time, however, they?ve traveled through the realm of the militaristic humanoids from the deep.

You know, big people really have very small imaginations.



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