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This information has been ascertained by the three heroa during the journey to the Isle of Brennen. It is important to remember that these are only rumors!  

Centuries ago, after the Twin Cataclysm and at the time of the great migration, a clan of dwarves abandoned the chaos that destroyed their home in the Crystalmist Mountains. They journeyed on a great pilgrimage east to the end of Greyhawk, some stayed where Dullstrand now lies, but most took a journey that most dwarves wouldn?t dare, across the ocean. Some say they made it to the Isle of Brennen.

The Isle of Brennen has never been approachable by ship due to an impenetrable dangerous reef that would destroy any ship that would dare come close. The currents outside the reef have been deemed cursed, as they have been known to draw a ship close to the reef, only to push ships with jarring speed into the jagged barrier.

Spellcasters have attempted travel to the Isle with many types of magic, none have ever returned, it has always been a one-way trip.

Men have tried to fly creatures to the Isle, they have always been met and eliminated by a ferocious green dragon.

Ships have also battled many aquatic races who have preyed upon any daring to explore. The unfortunate explorers, far from home, have many times been defeated by the militeristic and unmerciful humanoids from the deep.

Bronze Dragons have been seen leaving different areas of the eastern coast of the Flanaess, never to return. It is thought that they come to the Isle of Brennen to die. It is thought that they go to an ancient burial ground that is guarded by one of their oldest.

It has been said that the evil monks of the Scarlet Brotherhood already have a foothold and claim to the Isle of Brennen. They are rumoured to use the Isle as a training camp and military base for a new contingent of warriors who will be unleashed across the Flanaess.

A clan of elves abandoned the Lendore Isles centuries ago and are now living on the Isle.

Admiral Shakahr, Fleet Commander of the Combined Forces of Dullstrand, and captain of the Flagship Endeavor has been known to be demanding, strict and unforgiving to the men who serve him. It is thought he forced his son Trekell, now missing with nine others, to stay at the Isle.

Lord Torlann Torkanius has been caught in embarassing perdicaments with a Dullstrand Councilor's daughter, and was forced to lead the troops as Outpost Commander or lose his rank amongst the knighthood.

The Isle is named after a Druid Heirophant who lived close to a thousand years ago. He was an introverted but powerful spellcaster whom was known to surround himself with creatures summoned from other realms.

The Merchant Oceanic Federation Assembly (MOFA), a major contributor to this venture, is not only interested in the Isle as a Mid-way shipping point of the Solnor Ocean. They also believe there is a large vein of platinum in the mountains of the Isle.

The Isle is a haven for a pirate fleet consisting of vessels that are capable of traveling underwater.

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Wow... you dig these up from old emails???


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