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Brescht is an unusually large griznuq soldier. He stands a full head taller than any griznuq thus far met in the forest (he's pushing 7 feet tall), and is quite massive.

Despite this, his face is boyish and has only sparse stubble; he does not yet have to shave regularly. His hair is close-cropped reddish brown, his eyes are brown.

He wears well-kept chain armor, wields a large double-bladed sword (one blade on either end) and carries two trowing axes as well.

Brescht is kind, and seems rather dull in conversation, but appears to have an aptitude for military leadership, tactical thinking, and general soldiering.

Got it...thanks.


Short "e", like in "kept".

Exactly how is his name pronounced?

Is it like: Bresh

Or like: Bresh-t

Or something else entirely?


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