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Erinalia request

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Erinalia would like to speak in private with T' Riad.  I'm not sure how the GM would prefer to handle this... Should it happen next session at the table, or would you prefer we somehow handled it on the side so it won't distract from the next session.  It probably won't take long, and I have nothing to hide from the other players, it's just that this is sort of Erinalia's way... she's generally very quiet and approaches people one-on-one.  I'm also not sure when in game-time this would occur.  Definitely back in the safety of the base camp.  Maybe before or during the Aug 7th beachstock.

Dray, Wildfire (and others), let me know what you think.


--- Quote from: Dray ---Did U catch that as the original joke stupid-head?
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Aparenlty not. Joke must have sucked.

now, now....no name calling...

Did U catch that as the original joke stupid-head?


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and when you talk, it's not usually misspelled!


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