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Thoughts from the DM,

I need to talk to Matt about what Elberrin wants to discuss/learn from Ivellious. Then I can develop for him Elberrin's experiences on August 7th, CY 591.

I would assume the remaining group; Elin, T, Mel, Garvin are going to "call it a day" as it was late afternoon (MSI time) when we adjourned. I would like to see some thoughts in this post on what your genereal consensus is for tomorrow's (August 8th, 591) activity, so I can prepare. Note, up to this point the QuarterMaster has been allowing the group to explore the dungeon for as long as it takes. So you assume he will allow you to continue.

Also note, we will be starting off right where we finished, I just need your thoughts for preparation.

T'riad. Do not despair in your search to become a Master Herbalist. Your quest was not stated upon deaf ears.

Garvin. Despair, you will never be rid of the halfling.  :twisted:

we'll need to get rope, climbers kit's, grapple arrows,...uh, anything else come to mind?

Excellent, this is what I had thought you intended.

Didn't you know that the entire Isle was developed Johan? Now, if I only could get it all on paper....


I think it was too...

Unfortunately, Elberrin is not all that interested in that. He will go as it is his assignment, but he's more interested in the wildlife above ground.

*I* on the other hand am VERY interested in what's on the other side of the chasm.

Absolutely, but I wouldn't want to leave anything behind us as we move forward.

And BTW, I would submit that we should get a small cadre or dwarves in to start sealing off the centipede nest. that's going to have to happen anyway, and they can be doing that immedeately.


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