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Post Thoughts - Session 5

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Aug 7 plans: Well, I believe after some brief discussion, the majority did vote to return to base camp after the latest centipede encounter.  Erin is spent as far as healing spells and we don't have Amy with us, so another encounter out in the wild could turn deadly...

Aug 8 plans: Erin will defer to the more experienced spelunkers in the party on how to proceed with the dungeoneering.

we'll need to get rope, climbers kit's, grapple arrows,...uh, anything else come to mind?

Excellent, this is what I had thought you intended.

Didn't you know that the entire Isle was developed Johan? Now, if I only could get it all on paper....


I think it was too...

Unfortunately, Elberrin is not all that interested in that. He will go as it is his assignment, but he's more interested in the wildlife above ground.

*I* on the other hand am VERY interested in what's on the other side of the chasm.

Absolutely, but I wouldn't want to leave anything behind us as we move forward.

And BTW, I would submit that we should get a small cadre or dwarves in to start sealing off the centipede nest. that's going to have to happen anyway, and they can be doing that immedeately.


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