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Session 11 - Into the Hole
« on: February 23, 2005, 04:10:50 PM »
Tenth Session: April 24th, 2004
Sap/delvers moon +15 continued...

The group stood at the hole wondering what they should do. Belwar got tired of the talking, so he volunteered to go down the hole.

Himo was sent to get some rope. On his way, he ran into Brescht, and together they looked over the bodies of the ogres, and found three medallions. There were two medallions on one of the ogres; he was wearing them as bracelets.

A deep crimson medallion made of an unknown material that is flexible and warm to the touch. The chain is also an unknown material that stretches slightly. This medallion is ovate about a foot wide (shoulder-to shoulder) and a hand tall (chest to abdomen).

A wooden pendant carved from cedar. A crude wolf’s head is carved into one side and a Joshua tree is carved into the other (identified by Valen). Valen also submitted that the wolf is often used as a symbol for perseverance and will while the Joshua tree is often a symbol for tenacity and will. Both symbols are routinely used by sorcerers. The necklace is interwoven vine-like tendrils that behave like a Chinese finger puzzle, accommodating the wearer’s neck comfortably (one size fits all). This pendant is three inches in diameter.

Himo came back after a “Family Circus” type of errand with the rope.

The group lowers Belwar down. The hole goes down about 150 feet. At the bottom there is a pile of dead stuff: there is the Gnoll that Zurn knocked down the hole, and two dead ogres. On the Gnoll and ogres, there are two more circle of squares. There are also other creature skeletons down there. Belwar thinks that they might have been food for the group of Gnolls.

The rest of the way seems clear, so Belwar tugs the rope and gets pulled back up to report.

Being that it was so late at this point, the group decides to get some sleep before climbing down the hole in the morning.

Sap/delvers moon +16

The group gets up, has some food and goes down the hole.

Travel uneventful for a day. Belwar and Zurn notice that the tunnel is a little strange. It’s most definitely not natural. It’s about four feet wide, and about 8 feet tall. There is no variation in the pitch of the floor, it just goes straight. The dwarves of the group know what kind of engineering that it takes to do something like this. It’s clearly Dwarven engineering, but FAR from Dwarven quality. The group decides that it must have been ogres who did the actual work.

Sap/delvers moon +18

After two days, the group comes upon a room (larger open area than the rest of the tunnel) which was apparently used as a rest area. There’s a pile of hay in the corner. It smells really badly here.

The group travels about half an additional day when all of a sudden crossbow bolts came out of what seemed to be nowhere.

The bolt struck Belwar square in the chest and splintered, doing no damage but rocking the dwarf slightly.

The group approaches the source of the arrows, and sees that it is 6 Orcs, In three rows of two (two across the corridor, three deep)

The two in the front are kneeling, and the rest are standing. They all have crossbows and the front two lines are firing. As crossbows are fired, fully loaded ones are handed up from behind

Before long the front two Orcs die at the hands of the group.

As the Orcs in front fall, the ones behind push them out of the way, and kneel themselves and the two in the back take over so that there are always at least 4 of them firing.

The Orcs quickly fall and the group is on their way again.

Himo was sent up to creep along the corridor and scout out what was going on (move silently -  which he failed at) he finds himself face to chest with four Orcs, who are apparently standing guard at the end of the tunnel. Himo greets them and they greet him with barely concealed contempt. They do not bar his way out of the tunnel, however.

The Orcs step out of his way, probably due to the strange pendant that he wears.

Zurn, Valen, and Belwar are left behind in the corridor, and decide that they should make it look like Valen is their prisoner, because the players saw how easy it was for Himo to get through the Orcs at the end of the tunnel, but they realized that it must have been because of the circle of squares, which they only had 2 of now. The dwarves put on the pendants.

They get up to the Orcs, Belwar leading the way. The Orcs look indifferently upon the group. Belwar realizes suddenly that no one left in the group speaks Orcish, so he tries to get the Orcs to move with hand gestures (nice ones, not obscene).

The Orcs don’t seem to care too much for moving. Frustrated, Belwar decides to fall back on more traditional anti-Orc methods.

Belwar drops the end of Valen’s rope, and brings down his axe on one of the guards. The guard crumples, as Belwar turns to attack another, but misses. The Orcs are easily dispatched by the group.

Looking around, there seems to be many small groups of goblins, humans, Orcs, half Orcs and Gnolls sitting around camp fires, eating, getting drunk, and getting rowdy. They are no longer underground, but in what seems to be a valley. The walls of the valley sloped up at a fairly steep angle. There are cave entrances all over the walls at different heights and locations. The funny thing is that no one seems to have noticed that we just carved our way in.
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