Author Topic: Session 7 - A Hole in the Floor  (Read 1078 times)

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Session 7 - A Hole in the Floor
« on: February 23, 2005, 03:39:11 PM »
Seventh Session: October 24th, 2003
Sap/delvers moon +14

Himo does bag himself a deer... but he gets lost. [An elf lost in a forest. Can you imagine???.] Himo knows that there are things in forests that can smell dead animals, like owlbears for instance, and decides that he may be better off leaving the dead dear while he searches for the road. That way the scavengers would not be attracted to him. Eventually, he does find his was bay to the road, and thus, back to the keep.

Belwar gets up early and helps the inn keeper set up.

Commander Bob comes by the inn, followed shortly by Danobar. Commander Bob asks Belwar to help the cause by either going with the contingent or staying at the keep to help defend in case there was an attack.

Belwar tells Danobar that he should be with the contingent. Danobar shies away from the idea, saying that his services are more needed in the keep, as Belwar had expected. Belwar says that he had heard the soldiers saying that they were nervous, and would feel much better with a spiritual leader like Danobar. Danobar decides that he would make a speech to the troops in the outer bailey. Belwar tells Commander Bob that the group would have to confer before he could agree to anything, but something could most likely be worked out. Commander Bob and Danobar leave.

Danobar asks for help from Belwar to move a podium into the bailey. They go to Danobar's quarter. In the middle of the room with the podium, there is a large circular rug, with a brazier on it. The Brazier needs to be moved for the podium to be carried out. Danobar moves the brazier, and moves the edge of the rug a little bit with a leg of the brazier. Belwar notices there's no mortar between the stones under the rug. Danobar quickly covers and moves Belwar along.

Belwar leaves to go look for Himo.. POOF - there he is.

Brescht is on the wall again talking to guards... almost giving orders.

Belwar wants to talk to Brescht, but decides to  send Himo instead. The wall is too high and stuff... Belwar likes the ground.

Himo climbs the wall and talks to Brescht. Brescht and Himo come down and Belwar explains what Commander Bob had asked Belwar that morning. Belwar says that maybe we should all go with the contingent and try to get the troops to insist that Danobar go. Brescht suggests that maybe we clue Captain Coris, and Commander Bob in.

The group goes to "Brescht's apartment"

Belwar explains the situation.

Belwar elects Brescht to go find Commander Bob

The two come back and Belwar explains to Commander Bob, who is very skeptical of the story, but agrees to search the room while Danobar is giving his speech.

Doors are locked and the only windows are in the wall facing the speech. Belwar breaks the door down.

They go to the rug, and move it. The section of the floor beneath the rug is a large 5' diameter slab, with no handles, or anything else to move it. Its way too large for any of this group to move it. Belwar knows the slab would need to be moved for anything to come out. They also notice that there are no scrape marks on the floor, which means that it was lifted up from underneath, and also lowered back into place for underneath.

Belwar asks Himo if he knows any sort of spell, which he does, but the slab is way too heavy. Belwar Shows that the different tones when the stone is tapped in different spots can show that it is hollow underneath. Commander Bob is amazed. Belwar bets that this is how the ogres came in this way and there may be more beneath.

Commander Bob says we need to talk to Captain Coris about this. The group makes things look good again, and leave. Himo offers his mending abilities to fix the door... looks good! Offers to fix Belwar's chain armor... Belwar declines. The group finds Captain Coris in the keep fortress... building 24. The group has a long conversation with captain Coris. Much deliberation occurs.
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