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A Gift of Folly

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Cameran made a slight meal for himself and ate of it absently as he considered the game.

Fitzsimmons was greatly troubled...tonight's meeting was evidence of that: the worst of the worst in attendance, no escorts, all clearly put out.

These iron men was shaken because of Sayer's inquiries into the mail delivery. The Arch Duke's mail delivery to be specific. And to Threshold, to be more specific still. It seemed clear to Cameran that the mechanisms that these men had in place were in clear danger by virtue of Sayer's investigation. Else, why the long faces?

By now, Cameran was sure, Sayer must be at Kelvin's Bridge; he would return no sooner than tomorrow evening.

Sayer would no doubt figure out what was going on, and no doubt soon. How would he prove it?

The story would unfold from here with the questioning of Farkus as well as the Courier Master and the suspicious youth. This would yield the ultimate manner in which the mail was being tampered with, and possibly implicate Fitzsimmons.

There was no way that Cameran could help with the actual questioning, but it was clear to him that the weak link in these suspects was the youth. The Courier Master would admit nothing initially...Fitzsimmons and Farkus had something on him. What, exactly, Cameran couldn't tell. Possibly just the promise of a Xanthakain death, but possibly more. Family, past indiscretions...who knew? Something physical though, from the looks of how Farkus handled the matter.

Farkus would never admit anything, as he was too stupid and confident in his shield - Fitzsimmons. Cameran wondered for a moment whether Farkus understood that Fitzsimmons would abandon Farkus when it was convenient. Not likely; the sergeant didn't have that sort of forethought in his skill set.

Back to the youth. Cameran thought that if he could rattle the lad's mind a little, without being obvious, then when it came time for Sayer to question the lad, he would be primed. Cameran could do that. There were many old stories about what happens to expendables when they at last become uncovered. Cameran would go to the Courier's Post in the morning to tell such tales to the children. The boy was always there, and Cameran would make sure that he heard.

Then there would be the eventual search of Fitzsimmons' estate. It would be easy enough for Cameran to leave evidence of the Headmaster's schemes. Fitzsimmons kept most of his secrets stashed away under the floor in his study, the panel covered under an expensive carpet. Cameran could easily make it obvious that the carpet had been moved recently and leave it to Sayer's Trailmaster to spot.

Thirdly, a note to reach Sabine about a day or two after Fitzsimmons was finally unmasked. Cameran determined to write the names of Fitzsimmons' allies - easy enough to disguise the handwriting - and have a lame old woman deliver it to the mail in timely fashion. There was plenty of time, and with the Northguild Theater's makeup and wardrobe producing such an old woman would be easy.

Finally, there would be leaving Kurr.

THIS story would continue in Threshold, he was sure.


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