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“Ye bein’ a gnome mage of sorts yer lucky we dunna jus’ be separating yer head from yer neck truth be told…ne’ermind yer sqeakbox. The last gnome finger wiggler we had company with was a traitorous pain in the rump. Went by the name Melzak. Tha’ dunna ring any bells does it? Not seen him for a spell o’ time.”

Zurn had asked in a long shot that Faznar might know their old enemy. It’d been a while since he’d been seen and Zurn didn’t trust that he wouldn’t be seen again. Especially since Melzak and Dannobar knew each other and Dannobar had links to the gargan in this valley.

“Melzak!”  Faznar jumped to his feet in anger.  “Do you have any idea how many times I’ve been mistaken for that … that … spriggan fellator?”  Faznar angrily kicked at the dirt.  “Got me run out of a fair number of places and nearly got me killed here.  That Master guy is not a fan of Melzak.  Pretty sure he was working for the Master and messed up really, really bad.” Faznar gave Zurn a smirk.  “I don’t think either of us will have to worry about Melzak for long.”

Faznar huffed and looked a bit embarrassed.  “Um, sorry about the language.”

*(Ref. Session 12- Death to Dannobar) Book in what we can assume to be Melzak’s Room.
*(Ref. Session 19- Beloved) We’re told it was a book on human anatomy that was incomplete.
OOC: What ever happened to the book?

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“We wouldn’t have to be worry’n  if’n we be knowin’ where he went off to.” Zurn replied. “Las’ we saw his sorry hide he wus asking fer a book* that we lifted from his place in tha’ caves…jus’ before we brought Dannobar ta’ peace.”

Zurn did not expect to be saddened so suddenly to mention the once wayward Dannobar. Though the priest had lost faith in Ehlonna she had not lost faith in him. To Zurn’s mind it was a story folks often hear about but until one witnessed such divine grace it was impossible to measure the lasting impact of forgiveness such as that. Ultimately it was Ehlonna’s mercy that lead to Dannobar’s redemption and that, in Zurn’s thinking, was the splendor of his matron deity.

“I be wonderin’” Zurn asked glancing towards Belwar “if’n it was losing tha’ big book o’ nasty tha’ got Melzak into deep demon dung with his Master.”

OOC: The Book was (and presumably still is) in Vallen's backpack.

Belwar bobbed his head. "Yah, I'm thinkin it probably was. You'll recall, when last we met, he tried simply asking peacefully for it's return. Those were the actions of someone out of options."

Belwar turned to Faznar, "Lewk, Ah thenk we maybe workin toward different goals, but our paths be the same. Iff'n I had me druthers, both Melzak and Urguth would be in the fryin pan together. If yer of a mind, I thenk we could use the help and the humorous distraction."

He turned to the rest of the group. "Ah thenk it's for the best that I tell ye all a little bit about why I came to tha keep in the first place. It's a bit of a story, but the short of it is, I'm wanted fer killin me father and tha son of a council membar, both crimes are Urguth's doin. And, I believe he stole a Great Axe I'd made for me father."

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