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Zurn was glad that their new guest was relatively unharmed. Enough pain had been wrought by the foulness that filled this valley for too long. Worshippers of foul deity, no good things would have come the prisoners they had kept. The fact that this gnome was still alive could well have been testimony to the benevolence of the divinity that watched over him.

The halls were now finally clean of the wretched undead stragglers that remained around the shrine to Ehlonna that had now blessed the once defiled passages. Dannobar was now finally at rest and embraced in the arms of the forest mother. When the Garachi moved here, if they moved here, Zurn hoped that the shrine would be revered by them in some way.

Once the Garachi inhabited this place then the ancient temple to Moradin would be open and available. Restoring a temple to the Parton Father of Dwarves filled Zurn with sense of ancestral pride. Though he did not directly worship Moradin the deity was still close to him in other ways. He savored the thought of exploring the old temple. The wisdom that might be contained within those halls!

Now though he had immediate interest in other things- namely Faznar. He was interested in his story. As a survivor amidst the gargan he must indeed have a colorful tale to spin!

As the group set camp as they had so often done Zurn tended to the their wounds in turn. Currently it was Faznar’s time. He genuinely reveled in the healing aspect of his faith be it by hand or bandage. It also opened up the chance to get to know his party members just a little better.

“I dunna think’n we been introduced properly, eh? Although what’n be right and proper out here if’n this ain’t?” Zurn asked as he wrapped a cut on Faznar’s arm. “My name is Zurn. And who ye be an’ how in the old wise mountain did ye git yerself out’n here?”

Faznar shrugged his shoulders. “How do I get anywhere? Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I actually TRIED to get anywhere.” Faznar scrunched his face up in thought. “Hmm, well it was this ass, Urguth, who brought me here. I was, um … extracting myself from a situation in this dwarven town. This guy, the one guy in the place who seemed to have a sense of humor, showed me a secret way out of the town. I was pretty happy about the situation until he and his men started meeting up with gargan.” Faznar throws his hands up in the air. “Oh, they were trying to be all sly about it. Like I’m going to believe that they just happen to stumble on supplies every time we get close to gargan encampments. Obviously they were working with them. Anyway, after about an eternity of traveling through underground passages, they stuff a bag on my head and lead me out into this valley.” Faznar waves his hands about enthusiastically. “And it’s full of gargan! Gargan everywhere! You know who can’t take a joke? Dwarves. Dwarves can not take a joke. But gargan are even worse! You want to hear a good gargan joke?” Faznar didn’t wait for Zurn to answer. “Yeah, me too, but there aren’t any!”

Faznar composed himself. “Anyway, this Urguth guy turns out to be buddies with the guy in charge of this whole thing. They end up taking all the gargan soldiers back into the secret tunnels and here’s the funny part… Urguth says that The Master is leaving me in charge! So I go ordering these gargan around and guess what happens!” Again, Faznar does not wait for Zurn to answer. “Well, it turns out nobody told these gargan that I was left in charge. That prick Urguth pranked me! Can you believe it? What am I supposed to think about the guy now? First he helps me out of a pinch. Then he hangs with gargan. Then he pulls a great prank. I really want to hate the guy, but, I don’t know. He might be fun to hang around with.”

Belwar snorted, suddenly seething with ire, "No he bloody is not, he's bad news, and by Moradin, I'll have his head on a pike!"

Faznar wiggled a finger and concentrated for half a beat.  A fish appeared floating above Belwar.  In place of the fish's head was the face of Urgath, beard and all.  The Urgath-pike began to float in a circle around Belwar's head.  It started to sing, "Rubies are red, Sapphires are blue.  I smell like a fish, Belwar's mom does, too."

Zurn smiled at the cleverness of the gnomes imagery of Urguth’s head on a pike fish. Although the little limerick probably wasn’t the best thing to say given the sensitivity of Belwars feelings towards the traitorous dwarf that was likely responsible for his fathers death he thought. It occurred to Zurn that Belwar never mentioned his mother.

He tightened a wrap on Faznar’s arm enough to stop the bleeding but not enough to stop the blood from circulating. He made it a point to seal in his memory to get more bandages at the keep when they returned since they were getting low on their supply. “I dunna think it’s a sharp idea laddie to be jestin’ aboot Belwar’s folks when matters come to Urguth. At least not th’now.” Zurn advised. He didn’t want to come off as being overly uptight but if it saved the gnome a slug to the mouth and spared a bandage or two then it would be worth it. He just wasn’t sure of Belwars demeanor given all that had transpired.

Zurn, wanting to analyze this gnome since the last gnome they knew wasn’t trustworthy, continued, “So ye dunna be knowin’ much on how ye got here exactly. Where is it ye come from in origin?”


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