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The life of an ogre

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"i'm not so naive to believe that everyone will accept change. the key to survival is the ability to adapt to change...i learned that while opposing Wyvernstar. while not everyone will adapt i must hold to the belief that we all can if we choose to. through example and kindness i think that the Ogre's, if given the chance, may become allies. we don't know what circumstances the the ogre countrymen were in...perhaps it's the society, not the individuals who are evil. as Larkin said, it only takes one to get the boulder rolling. would it have been a greater crime to leave the children without parents? maybe. the crime was in the insidious manner of attacking the innocents to begin with...after that it doesn't matter how we act...we have already crossed the line.", Quinton says. he looks down at his scarred palms and then at Shada. Quinton takes a deep breath of the brisk air, "the planting season is coming soon...i hope the fields are good for the seeds..."

"My lack of faith is not with you, my friend. I have seen the prejudice is society. Thus the basis of the forests appeal."

Lor'hion stops for a monent. "I realize that it is in you, Quinton, the rest of us to accept someone of another race. My lack of faith, which is not unfounded is with the rest of the world."

The point is that I can choose to accept an ogre into my company.   Just as I have chosen to accept a peasant, a street rat, and a druid into my company.    You too could make that choice.   It starts with each of us.

"Yes. We become what we believe, this is true. So say a child oger becomes a good adult. Where would he live? With the elves? The humans would never accept him.

You have the luxury of being able to change your mind, because regardless of what lies beneath, you still look human. Would you be able to change your mind and enter an ogre's society?"

Larkin wakes up.   He walks over to the fire and joins the coversation by whispering "All change has to start somewhere.   Every avalanche starts with a single pebble...."   He stares into the fire a while listening to the wood hiss and pop as it burns.  
"Before the assassins killed my brother, I couldn't understand his ways.   He and Quinton were the best of friends...always so idealistic...thinking the world held so much potential....
"I always sided with my father during their arguments.   The world was a place to be used for what you could make of it.   The strong ruled and the weak served...
"Then I met Vecklin, Flea, Quinton, and Ambermantle.   I learned what it means to have friends that you can rely on.....    Larkin picks up a branch and begins to absently peel the bark off.   He flicks the chips of wood into the fire as he struggles to put his thoughts into words....

"I am the spitting image of my father.  Not just in appearance, but in actions and thought as well.   But I am better than him.   I have learned that old beliefs and prejudices don't have to exist.   They can change.     I was the sworn enemy of the house of Delthan Ambermantle.   I tried to kill him in single combat....Now, he is my best friend and most trusted ally.   I used to disdain Quinton and all peasants like him.   Now I can see how blinded I was by my father's ambition.   Quinton is the most noble man I have ever encountered.   He is the salt of the earth...
I used to kill druids, because they were my father's enemies.   This day I fight beside one.  
"I changed my ways after being around this rag tag lot of people.   Look at us! We can't be any different!  Yet we're the same.   We all fight for a common cause...
"Look at Flea.   I used to kick urchins like him out of my way every time I went to the city.   I'd spit on them and curse them for living.....  He is the catalyst for my reform.   I saw this tiny wisp of a boy stand up to a Deltharite assassin who had bested me.   He give me a chance to live.... He had every reason to let me die, but he saved my life!

I used to be an ogre.   My heart and mind were corrupted by hate and prejudice...   I am no longer that man...   If I can change, a man of hate and violence, an arrogant fool who believed the world was his for the taking...anyone can change....   Even an ogre....
but it starts with you Lor'hion.   It starts with you and me and all of us.    We become what we believe, what we choose to be, not what society and nature dictates us to be...
Larkin gets up to gather more firewood and makes a silent prayer to Shada to grant him the strength and wisdom to always do what is right...


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