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The life of an ogre

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"Would the better course of action be to kill the adults, and leave these children without parents?"

"Even a heart full of good would not survive as an ogre in the world we know."

Quinton looks off into the distance. after a short while he says, "We cannot know what they would have grown up to be. there hearts may have had a destiny of good. we all have choices to the path we might walk. to limit their individual strengths to only serve evil is a disservice to us all. until they make that choice for good or ill i must believe that there is hope. i took that choice away from them through my own desperation. i don't know if the Ogre's will ever be out from under the boot of Delthara. but i have to hold to the belief that we all start with a good heart. Evil is taught or embraced...it is not predestined. that night i saw in me what i could have been and still could be. it would be so easy. that is a choice that i have. i choose not to take that route...it serves no one except Delthara."

after speaking, Quinton suddenly realizes that he has tears running down his cheeks.


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