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The life of an ogre

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This discussion would have been started by Lor'hion at the start of his watch the night after he caused the groth of the flowers.

"Quinton, I have been thinking about the problems that you are facing due to the guilt of killing the ogre children. You had said that they were innocent, and I believe that it is possible you are correct."

"But you see, their society is evil. there is no hope for them to grow up otherwise. And even if they were to somehow retain their innocence, they would never be accepted into the world. They would be hunted and killed no matter where they went."

"If anything you did them a service by saving their souls while they still basked in the light of good."

"my intention in this question is not in the growth of White Trillium, although we've seen that it works, it's in the growth of food...Food for the starving Army of N'arth and perhaps a secret way to deliver the cure. this is a definate possibility...but we'll need the help of the your Order Lor'Hion."

"Well, I'm not sure. It's not a very difficult spell, a Druid of only a few years could handle it. Say maybe six or seven of us could fill several miles in just a day or so. "

"I have no doubt that we can get all the seeds that we would ever need. The ogre teeth are a different story... However, I have been thinking on this. As you are well aware ogres die, just like anything else. Perhaps they have a cryp where the bodies of their dead lay? Teeth do not rot the way flesh does." Lor'hion stops and ponders a moment. "Though, with all this talk about undead, perhaps an ogre cryp would be a step in the wrong direction..."

Quinton looks at Lor'hion and says, "a fact i'm all too familiar with...". Quinton brings his hand up to his face and scratches his whiskered chin and humms with a silent thought. he then says, "Lur'Hion what would be the chances of getting your Order to go out in force and augment the crops in the same way that you did with the White Trillium?"

"Even the best of soil will produce the occasional weed."


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