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To the Vallenbrush

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Ashe’s mind began to race and his fingers twitch. The twitching he could not control as a result of his time with the Seers. Even still, this many years later, when his thoughts raced and he began to see beyond, his uncontrollable trembles- a renowned signature of Seers- would haunt him. “We will want to meet with the Gnacheons of the other steward nations and tribes.” Ashe stated plainly.

"I mentioned to you of Zyxu's minions poisoning and corrupting a sacred grove of trees back at Threshold" Ashe stated certainly. "I'm afraid that it goes beyond just that." Ashe looked around and it seemed as though the forest itself was still and quiet so to listen.

"Circular plots of ash have been found in the woods just out of the town. These plots, of course, don't just appear, they were made." Ashe proclaimed. "The Wasteland of Archea was once part of the great forest but fell to the life draining powers of The Void. It would not at all surprise me to learn that the wasteland has begun to grow again." He whispered with a an overtone of sorrow.

"You have been the keeper of the Vallenbrush and I of the Vallenwood seed which has been passed to Maccabeus. We meet now as though the wood and brush have been reunited in this hallowed place..." the old druid prophetized."...this hallowed place...to set plans to purify that most of unhallowed ground. As you speak of, that may be the only way...by joining both brush and wood." Ashe pondered aloud.

“The other Gnarcheons will want to hear of this and they may have some stories for us as well methinks.” Ashe’s mind began to focus and his spirit bolster. Now was not the time for despair; now was the time for planning for a fight. “It may be terrifying to learn the truth of what they speak…and I say to that we must be all that Mahiya has taught us to be.”

“Can you call them to your den?” he asked with an enthusiastic grin. “Perhaps the Vallenbrush here could send them a whisper…”

North Woodlands Gnomish 0066ff
Brethren's Cant ff9933
Common (for the wildlands)

Ah s'pose I coul' do tha'. Shankaria responded. Bu' it'd do no good, onna count o' it'd take a week a' least fer them ta heah th' call and r'spon'.

But no wurries...th' annual meetin' a' th' Grove o' Needles is on'y a week away...they'll all be there, ye c'n bet onnit. We shoul' jest talk at'em a' th' meetin'. No Gnarcheon missus tha' meetin' widout cause.

Inna mean time, I'll go an' see a couple of the Chakanthur tha' I c'n reach inna th' time I got an' talk to'em affore hand too."

She looked up into Ashe's eyes to see if such an arrangement would suit him.

Shall we move on to the Grove of Needles?

Ashe smiled big and wide and were it not for the limits of his face, Shankaria could see that his grin might well have swallowed the land itself! His mind began to calm and although his spirits had certainly not diminished it was a comfort to have it reinforced by this remarkable gnome. It was as though seeds of the ancient cabals of Druids had been interred and would begin to grow again. Although the druids influence in Elsenban had only strengthened in the past few centuries it had been some time since they were a united front facing their nemesis. Ashe felt this his service to Mahiya in this capacity was an honor he was born for.

He placed his hand on the shoulder of Shankaria, who was quickly becoming a close friend, and nodded his approval. “That’ll do nicely my sister.”

Now we can move on.


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