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Here are the Game Logs and ICD's in chronological order to date that comprise the mini-epic "Saving the Fey". Reading these will give anyone playing this adventure, either from the start or joining in the next table session, almost everything they need to know to be caught up.

One thing that is missing is the full game log for Session 23 which I hope Johan still has in his vast resources of Game Logs. Johan, if you don't have it perhaps you and I can recount the session?

Game Log: Session 15 "Nettle Demons"
ICD: Nettle Remains
ICD: Word from the Wise
Game Log: Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"
ICD: Chalice of the Holy Grail

errrr....I'm going to have to poke around. I had my laptop crap out on my about a year ago and lost access to a TON of info. I don't recall not documenting something; sorry. I WILL poke around though.


Johan, good news...I found the Game Log in my files...I will post it with my remarks.

Just to mark what should be read in prep for Fridays game I'm bumping this up.


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