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07.25.2127 - A Boy with a Key

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Harrison nodded slightly. "I am," he said with a shrug.


Martha looked back and forth between the two boys standing before her. She looked about ready to give up, but then decided to go a bit further. “You tread a thin line Banks. Emma was the most dangerous inductee to date. You should have left her blind to us, that way when her powers were discovered, Fresenius wouldn’t have had any ties to us and only his unwanted daughter's neck would have been in a noose.”

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Harrison isn't going to say anything unless it's required of him. He's sort of on information overload at this point, being 10 and what not...

Michael looked to Harrison, expecting an angry retort. Harrison merely pierced his lips in a thin frown and crossed his arms across his chest. Michael turned back to Martha. “The most important recruit we have had to date and you already want to throw her to the wolves. That’s nice Martha,” he ridiculed.

“Kristen should have had let her be, she is in the heart of that god-forsaken citadel which is the root of all the evil left in the world,” she replied.

“And I would rather have a view inside then be blind to that evil,” responded Michael, who also crossed his arms in front of his chest. “And your compatriots agree with me.”

Martha stared at Michael, her expression deadpan but there was a hint of contempt in her eyes. Michael ignored it.

“So setup our insurance policy and get that ring to Isaac, we will visit his shop when we get back,” Michael said.

“Fine, but this is all being reported.”

“Of course it is,” Michael replied snidely, “from you Martha I wouldn’t expect any less. I am, in fact, counting on it.”

With that, Michael turned to Harrison and directed him towards the door. They left her building without another word.

Outside, Michael looked at his watch under the light of the hooded lantern. “We got just enough of time to make it back without having to run.”

It was a warm night, Harrison found that he was a little sweaty after only a few minutes of walking. The thought was interrupted by Michael breaking the silence.

“I didn’t ask Martha questions about Angelus or pry her for information about your father because she would have feigned ignorance if she even knew something,” he said. “Tomorrow morning I will have a friend collect you from the orphanage, less conspicuous for me that way. Then we will go see another friend of mine who knows LowTown well, see if that contact knows anything.”

He looked to Harrison to see if had any questions.


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