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07.25.2127 - A Boy with a Key

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Michael and Harrison cut quickly through the western end of the theater district and then north again to the residential district beyond the third wall. The night had actually gotten warmer and there was no wind whatsoever. Harrison wondered if tomorrow would be one of those rare hot summer days (OOG: above 80 degrees is rare, and it’s about 78 degrees at this current time in this thread. Also note, I may be slightly editing the route the boys took after I check my map at work.).

On a back road the boys came to a storefront that appeared to have a residence on the second floor. Beyond the glazing of the front door was a “CLOSED” sign. Michael walked past the entrance and walked to the corner of the building. He gently tapped the gutter downspout with some kind of obvious signal (“shave-and-a-hair-cut”).

Moments later an older woman with a medium frame and gray hair answered the door and let them in. [color=##00ff00](OOC: Picture Martha Stewart).[/color]

“You’re out late Michael,” the woman said in a more scolding tone than an observational one. She led the boys into the foyer. Straight ahead a stairwell led to the apartments above. Also straight ahead a corridor entry on the same wall led to rooms behind the storefront to the right. Martha walked them into the store, which was apparently a doll shop. There were more parts of dolls that were in the middle of repairs than actual dolls for sale.

The woman sat down in the only chair and looked up at the two boys in turn.

Michael motioned to Harrison. “This is my friend Harrison Arbuckle, Kristen and I are helping him locate his father Jonah Arbuckle.”

Michael then motioned to the woman. “Harrison, this is my comrade Martha Stenwert. She helps me and my friends from time to time.”

After a couple days of awkward silence, Harrison said "Hello."

(OOG: hehe - classic response!)

Martha looked at Harrison for a moment with almost disinterested criticism. Without a greeting she turned back to Michael.

“And why are you helping him?” Martha asked coldly.

Michael didn’t seem phased by the middle-aged woman’s rudeness. “Because he is one of us”.

“Did you ask him if he was?”

“No. But Emmanuelle has witnessed it and knows his heart. Her word means a lot,” Michael replied matter-of-factly.

“You are reckless boy,” Martha scolded.

“We can’t grow if we stand cautious. And we can’t fight unless we swing the sword. Yes, sometimes we’ll miss, but at least I am fighting.” Michael responded, looking a little perturbed. “Martha,” he added.

[color=##00ff00](OOG: want to interrupt? Or shall we continue to confuse the poor boy?)[/color]

Harrison is in complete observation mode. Harrison will let whatever's going on between the two of them, stay between the two of them.

Martha crossed her arms in front of her chest and said, “you aren’t supposed to fight. Your standing orders are to sit in your holding pen and behave. It took us weeks to fix the last mess you made.”

Michael simply blinked back at her. After a moment of silence Martha broke the silence, “so what is it you need this time?” she asked in frustration.

Michael then weaved the tale of what he and Harrison had been doing that evening. It started with the acquirement of the CAPS folder on Jonah Arbuckle and ended with the boys leaving Lorainna’s house. During the story he showed Martha the key who didn’t even look at it, let alone reach out to touch it. So he dropped it into her lap.

“So what I need from you Martha is to have this key sent to Isaac for his special examination. I need to know if this key is magical, and if it is what it does,” Michael finished.

“I imagine it unlocks a lock.”

“Oh you’re a clever one Martha. I imagine that is why you have been assigned as TAO liaison,” Michael replied shortly.

“Listen you little…”

But Michael interrupted. “I don’t have time for this,” he said. And for her part she stopped what she was going to say with a tight frown. “What I also need you to do is to setup a little insurance for Harrison and I.”

Michael put the folder on the table, opened it to the first page and continued. “You will be receiving a copy of this folder in a couple days. Should…”

“You didn’t send it by POOSH did you?!” Martha almost shouted.

“Mrs. Stenwert, give me a little credit would you? Kristen will be dropping it off.”

Martha bit her tongue again and Michael continued. “Should Harrison and I not return from SouthHaven in a little over a week’s time you need to investigate our disappearance. If we have been abducted or found dead you need to use this folder and that key to bring pressure on at least Jonah Arbuckle if not the entire Clergy.”

“TAO and the Council will not expose ourselves over the deaths of you two. I think you over-estimate your role in the city my boy. And I am sure this new orphan recruit of yours won’t be missed,” Martha replied.

“This folder on Jonah is one of the greatest finds we have had to date!” Michael almost yelled. He became aware of his volume and with a gulp, calmed himself. “It exposes the clergy’s hand in everything vile in ShantyTown. You can’t simply sit there and tell me that this isn’t important.”

“The Council has known about the clergy’s involvement in crime for some time boy,” Martha said with a slight smile, it had a hint of satisfaction. Harrison noted that it was if this woman was enjoying being difficult.

“Well isn’t that quaint! So the Warden Council is no better than the Council of Five. Everyone knows what everyone else is doing but instead of making things right and bringing the evil before justice we all just let it simply go on.” Michael was angry, Harrison could see that the boy was almost shaking with it.

“There is more going on than you will ever know Banks. That is why you are told to simply maintain status quo of TAO and behave. We just need you to find others to fight the cause, not take up the mantle yourself and expose the entire operation.” Martha was a bit quieter now, but her words were still spit out with a bit of venom. Harrison didn’t understand everything and everyone they spoke about, but he could tell the woman had the upper-hand.

“Fine,” Michael replied curtly. “Whatever. But you will still do this for me.” He then motioned to Harrison, “If I am going to get another member of TAO into the Clergy House you will setup the insurance policy and investigate that ring. You cannot deny that having someone else to watch over Emma is a bad idea, especially Harrison here, who is very fond of her.”


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