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I have been re-reading (and re-re-reading) many threads in the eberron game forum, and a thought occurred to me as I read the interviews:

How is it that Whisper became interested in Temmit (who would, at that time, have been largely a monotonous loner...willing to help if asked, but not eager to...very much the watcher / studious type, not the participant / partying type)?

I note from the interviews that I've been involved in that there's usually some early tip-off (like this one survived a fire miraculously, this one is telling too-accurate fortunes...) to the guild. What would Temmit's "tells" be? This, of course, would provoke me to try to figure out what his earliest powers might be: those would have been Empathy, Telempathic Projection, Urban Strider, Prcognition...those sorts (all of which are level 1 abilities).

How would he have been "spotted"?

Who would have approached him? Were there prior, "accidental" contacts and then the then-leader approached with...who?

As I read this, and looked over his character sheet, it occurred to me that this might be one of those times when Temmit found them, rather than the other way around. He could have spotted the furtive signals, the knowing glances, the alliances...whatever. Even spotted someone taking their sneaky drought. Then, a month later, seeing several someones doing the same. Temmit could have been on their trail for months, trying to see what was going on (who are the leaders, who the followers, the newbies that might be interviewed with a well-placed suppressed Telempathic Projection...)

As I cultivated this idea, I then thought of Noah's journals. My dad also found them, eh?

Thoughts, Mr. GM?

The newspaper report was as follows (paraphrased); ”family of four has a wagon accident in the wilderness. Three out of four are killed, the lone survivor is a three-year-old boy.” The truth (as the older Temmit knows it) was that his family was slaughtered by a lone Kahr’Thul. Then someone went through some trouble making it look like and reporting it as an accident.

This leads to the questions:

*Who covered up the accident and why?
*What “side” is that conspirator on?
*Did that Kahr’Thul simply pass the Outer-Rim undetected and encounter your family by happenstance?
*How is it that the Whisper Guild fought and defeated individual Kahr’Thul last summer, yet your father couldn’t and mother, both military veterans and former Whisper members, were defeated by only one?
*Would the guild have been tipped-off by the unusual wagon accident?


*Current year is 2133, Temmit turns 16-years-old in a few days.
*In the summer of the accident (2120 ESH) Temmit would have been 3.5 years old.
*Michael Banks was the leader of TAO (Throw-Away-Order, the name of the Whisper Guild, pre-Renee) from 2125 ESH until 2129 ESH.
*Temmit was ages 8.5 to 12 during Michael’s tenure, he would have joined TAO somewhere during this time. (How that would have occurred is what we are trying to determine by this OCD).
*Michael Banks (just past age 17) was found dead on the shores of Lakeshore in the Spring of 2129 ESH. The story was that he had drowned. Renee (at age 15) took over the guild.
*Temmit knows the Warden Council is in league with the Whisper Guild. Temmit also knows his father was involved with the Warden Council…therefore…


All good thoughts. I know this because I've had them (other than historical information that I was not privy to...like the "drowning" of Michael Banks and whatnot).

So are you side-stepping my questions on purpose, or is your agenda more important than mine? :)

Or, are you thinking that some of the answers / thoughts to your bullets will inform us on answers to my original question?

By the way: one thing that I actually KNOW is that I don't know who can be trusted on the Warden Council. Isn't that the council that Martha was one? Didn't she sell us out? Isn't there a hell of a screen between us "kids" and the council proper?

For most of the sleuthing that you're suggesting, I don't see a way to get to it without being absent from school for extended periods of time.

Oh, well, first off, my agenda will ALWAYS be more important than Temmit’s.  ;)

I can’t answer your questions directly without performing a SPOILER ALERT and giving Johan information that Temmit does not yet know. I just tried typing all of the information (offline) and upon rereading it, I discovered that forfeiting such delightfully intriguing information OOG would have made me sad. :(

Having said that, allow me a few more bullets that yes, will give you more fodder to entertain, ascertain, and hypothesize what the true answer(s) may be.

*Per Noah’s journal, Noah Janalius joined The Warden Council on 05.25.2105.
*The leader of TAO/Whisper Guild always has a Warden Council contact.
*Yes, there is indeed a necessary ignorance of the Warden Council’s intentions by typical Whisper members. This is because each Whisper member must pass through 6 years of true military service, and the W.C. can’t trust that each Whisper will stay quiet and not betray the W.C. during their tenure.
*As far as Temmit knows, the only Whisper kids who have knowledge that the Warden Council and Whisper Guild share common goals is Renee and Temmit. Although you can justifiable conjecture that Emma may/or will soon know and therefore Harrison will follow.
*The common goals Whisper and the Warden Council share is that they harbor those with magical talent and are against the Clergy controlled government and its strong-fisted dogmatic rule.
*All that being said, Temmit is also aware that the Warden Council has had the Clergy interfering recently with their affairs. Fresenius has been sending Clergy-controlled soldiers to the W.C. to enlist their help in tracking down Kahr’Thul.
*The best thread to get really meaty information on all this is in Saturday Night Interlude, specifically start reading at my last post on page 6.[/list]

Ok, thank you for that reply. I did know most of that, and I have recently re-read pretty much every thread that Temmit has been involved in, including Saturday Night Interlude.

However, there's NOTHING in this reply that speaks to the question that I'm asking you. Did you ever read my original post?


My questions, which Temmit WOULD know the answers to, even in this anachronistic game of threads, are:

How is it that Temmit became entangled with Whisper?
Did a Whisper member approach him?
How would he have been "spotted" (being that his "powers" have no real outward signs and he can, even when he's using his powers, be regarded as nothing more than a talented muggle)?
Did he perhaps "spot" Whisper (this is a real possibility, since his dad did the same thing...like father, like son)?

THIS is what I'm after. If you'd rather, I'll be glad to tell you the answers, but I thought I'd give you the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing story of your campaign.


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