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Shannon saw Leslie driving the spider machine only a few short hours ago during the Games. So she is aware that Leslie is at least in the area. That being said, Leslie and the other young children were being accommodated by the Outer-Rim Defense post that resides on the opposite side of a hill that was the battlefield today.

Okay, now let me step back a bit and reveal more of the big picture.

Leslie, Shannon, Renee, Emma, Xavier, Lucien, Harrison, Temmit, River, and Kristen have all been very close friends over the past two to five years (pending when each joined the guild). Leslie is known by all in this tight circle as the Guild Spy. Each of you also know, without openly speaking about it, that she is the primary source of Renee's information presented at meetings. And that the little sneak is somehow able to go invisible for extended periods of time.

Now...I picture Leslie and Shannon having a friendship in which they spar, tease, and antagonize each other for fun, in fact an early post intimates as much. Despite Leslie's high IQ, she is a twelve year old "going on eleven".  Therefore, Leslie would take every opportunity to scare Shannon. Shannon is very used to this that she can "sniff out" the little twelve year-old anytime she tries to surprise her when invisible.

Okay...fair enough...and thanks!

As I was about to contribute to the thread another question came to me. Do you wish to keep the story continuing in the "War Games" Game Log or bump it over to an ICD?

Oh, and I get the impression the only way for us to leave the hall is to go to the outhouse, yes?

Let's keep the post in the current thread.

Also, there may be other ways to leave the Hall, but you will have to use your imaginations.


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