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Alright, here is the situation:

FIRST: Read the recent posts (at least the last three I made) from “2133.01.02 – Game Session 4A – WarGames”, that will give you a better idea why I am listing everything below;

*The Outhouses for the students are accessible through the main entrance.
*The Outer-Rim Defense guards are letting the kids go to them a pair (one girl and one boy) at a time.
*There currently is a line of five girls inside the hall. When the door is opened from a student returning, another student of the same sex is let out.
*None of the kids are being allowed back to their tents, the participation in the celebration appears to be mandatory.
*At the moment Shannon heard Leslie’s warning, Temmit was actually sitting in the Outhouse and losing track of time, probably caught in a conversation with Smokey as he pinches one off. What you do from this point Johan is under your control (though you know not of the situation as of yet).
*The barn is to the east of the Hall, about 300 yards away.
*The outhouses are to the west of the Hall, about 50 yards away.[/i][/b]

So what I see is that Temmit would ordinarily have to return to the hall / festivities, and as long as he does NOT return, no other male student will be allowed to go in. >:) hehe.

But will he be able to move from there towards the barn undetected? Or will he have to re-enter the festivities and then try to find a way to get out again?

Also, if I’m not mistaken, Leslie appears to already have been converted to 4e; I’m not really conversant with Temmit’s 4e abilities, and I’m quite certain that no one else is conversant with their characters’ 4e abilities. What to do, what to do...

Thoughts? Is the Psi Crystal 4e done? In 3.5 Temmit burned two feats on the Psi Crystal (for the improved one, no less). That’ll change his 4e build, since he’ll have to jettison two feats (or at least one).

I am thinking that perhaps for the moment we will stay with 3.5e until we are ready to make a seamless move. Especially considering Wildfire’s current lack of experience with the system, it wouldn’t be fair to him. So keep playing Temmit as his 3.5e enjoyable self.

That being said, Leslie’s invisibility doesn’t necessarily have to be a result of 4e transformation, but of something else she has attained (potion, ring, or cloak).

In regards to Temmit’s predicament:
he doesn’t know what is happening and would most likely be anxious to return to Marcus watching in the Hall.
*if Shannon is able to get outside before Temmit comes inside then he will indeed be free to go around the Hall and to the barn. He would expect a search party to leave the Hall and find him if he didn’t come back in though.
*Temmit didn’t notice that anyone was stationed outside.[/list]

Funny you should mention being anxious to get back to watch Marcus. It occurred to me as I was busy waking up this morning, that in the outhouse Temmit’s got the best seat there is for that. You may recall that he’s got a nifty new power to see far-away places that he’s already been to. I was thinking that he would no doubt use that power to see inside the feast hall and observe Marcus’ movements.

Temmit might already be aware that things are unravelling, and could move to intercept / assist.

Eh, what?

I just read your text above, you have a very good point. It would make sense that since you were watching him like a hawk, you wouldn’t stop to do so just for a toilet break. That being said, Shannon won’t know that you are currently watching Marcus from the toilet, so she will still be eager to go warn you of his exit.


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