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Following the Trail

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Corwynn found a strange amusement in Jarmok’s broken use of the common tongue. It wasn’t a mocking fascination but rather he saw it as an honest attempt with an honest intent. He sensed that Jarmok was far more honest with his limited ability than many others with a fluent ability. Jarmok had no means to twist words to manipulate anyone and that fact alone brought Corwynn comfort.

“It is an unfortunate thing, Jarmok, when you find someone untrustworthy…find them a betrayer. The open eye is better no matter what it sees. Speaking of which, Sayer can definitely help you find answers. I would not advise for you alone to try and follow this trail.” Corwynn surmised. He knew that Sergeant Farkus was guilty for his part. How deep did the deception go? “Sayer will be able to help you as he knows…things. How he knows I’m still mystified by. He has a way of him…it’s what he does and who he is.”

Kossuth was now elegantly splashing across the mountains and the boats had set out on Vallensun Lake for their daily haul. Around them was the melodic chirping of birds and the comforting smell of an open fire. Distant sounds from the hamlet occasi9oanlly mingled with the birds. Behind them they could hear Fionndougal eagerly munching away on the clovers that carpeted the ground.

“The village is called Adryanna’s Landing. T’would be a nice place to live methinks.” Corwynn said to himself as much as he did to Jarmok as he gobbled up another piece of morning feast meat.

"Hrung. Is pretty lake...good spot, but close." He looked about significantly, and sniffed the late spring morning. "Sayer know yet request?"

“I was not able to meet with Sayer on this yet.” Corwynn replied. “I have confidence that he’ll want to get to the end of this as much as I do.” He continued as he tore a piece of meat off with his teeth. Though he was nobility he was the sort of man that had little need for pomp in his daily life. Jarmok could clearly see that, at heart, the Duke was a man that preferred the wild expanse- Fionndougal as well.

“Well talk with Sayer later this morning. For now, enjoy the quiet scenery and good food my friend for soon we will be heading back.” stated the Duke.

Off to Jarmok’s right was the not too distant sound of boats casting off onto Vallensun Lake for their daily netting of fish.




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