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07.25.2127 - A Child's Goodbye

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I had wondered this too, but Leslie's mother's name is Pamela. Could be a Russian aunt though.

Natasha is Leslie's father's unmarried sister (need a graph?). Oh, and she is Albanian, not Russion.

Wildfire, I didn't realize the ball was in my court on this thread, I will post as soon as I can. Since the next post is a "doozy" it may be a day or two until I can get to it.

Aren't they all.

(OOG: Yes, yes they are.)

They had been walking the main prison hallways for a few turns (OOG: 1 turn (of the clock) = 1 minute). The prison cells to the left and right were simple cages with open bars. Shannon had been careful not to look at anyone in the cells, instead focusing on the Judges’ feet ahead of her.

They had just reached a door with the words ‘SOLITARY CONFINEMENT’ on a sign above it when Shannon had finished speaking to him:

”…you weren’t like my father and mother, weren’t a criminal.”

The imposing full-suit of plate mail that was Judge Nathaniel Criss stopped abruptly at the door. Shannon, oblivious to the change in attitude in the Judge, walked quietly around the tall man and discovered a pair of eyes that had appeared beyond the small barred window of prison steel door.

Nathaniel’s ornately decorated helm didn’t move, nor did any part of steel underneath it. He just stood there ignoring the questioning eyes two feet in front of him.

“Sir?” asked the man beyond the small window, awaiting the order to open the prison door.

Still the Judge remained frozen.

The epiphany of the Judges’ tension hit Shannon like a mongrel boulder.

’Oh my gosh I said something and he is going to refuse my last visit!’ thought Shannon in a sudden panic.

Her heart pounded in her chest as she held her breath.

For a full turn he remained still. It was as if the man had disintegrated inside his armor and left it behind.

But then slowly, the giant of a man flexed his left mailed gauntlet. This only served to scare Shannon more, for the movement was even scarier than his previously frozen status. He then tapped the door with his metal-plated knuckles and stood aside. The door swung open.

Shannon almost forgot to breathe as she slipped past him and entered the corridor beyond.

The light was even dimmer beyond. The prison cells to the left and right had stone walls instead of open bars and each cell had a solid steel door with a small hatch at the bottom for sliding food through. It was completely quiet.

The prison guard beyond was dressed in chain-mail and was armed with a heavy crossbow. Shannon saw that it was loaded with a bolt that had a thin glass vial of some liquid attached to its head. What the poison within did to its victim she could only guess.

After the Judge and Natasha came in behind her, Natasha said to the guard, “here to see the Auvryndyr family.”

Shannon had thought nothing could be as gloomy and hopeless as the prison cell she had occupied before her trial. She understood now that she was profoundly mistaken. This was the place they kept her parents, her innocent parents, that had done nothing wrong. Clearly this was a place to hold the most reviled and dangerous of criminals. The girl of ten years closed her eyes, bowed her head, and took a deep breath. It seemed to her there were too many of these moments that she did this in the last few days. The moment was upon her and her heart began to pace. Her throat became choked and began to hurt in the back. She tightened her tear rimmed eyes and desperately searched for the resolve to take the next step.

“Be brave and don’t give them the satisfaction of misery. Instead let them wonder at the strength of your hope.” she thought to herself. She imagined standing on a tall tower with the wind blowing a long red cape behind her. In her hand was a bright and gleaming torch that she held out. It was burning hot…hotter than the flames that kept the Kar’Thul at bay. Around the tower was a throng of people looking up in wonder, dazzled at the sight of the flame and its wielder. They were cheering. Among the people in the crowd only two faces stood out.

“here to see the Auvryndyr family.”

Shannon’s eyes snapped open and her tears were gone as was the lump in her throat.  In her hand was the picture she had clung to all these days. She lifted her blonde head to look forward and take her next step. She was ready.


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