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Darkening Shadows

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Laren felt a pang of guilt that he hadn't expected. Somehow, the thought that playing the part of a beggar would earn him coin from the people who were fooled by the disguise, had never crossed his little mind. Should he go over and pick up the coin for which he had no need? Surely that kind-hearted guard could use it more than Laren could have.

Sighing, Laren decided that he'd chosen to play the part, and he couldn't break character yet. He shambled over to the coin and picked it up. He decided not to put it in his own pouch that he had buried under the layers of rank clothing, but in a separate pocket instead. Perhaps he could find a poor soul who needed it more than he did. He hoped he'd run into that guard at some point, somewhere that he could return the favor.

It was not long before his wandering brought him back to The Half Pint. Laren had seen Oscar dine here from time to time, and always felt a great swell of pity for the man, as he sat alone in the corner, surrounded by empty chairs. He now felt a swell of guilt realizing those people were now feeling pity for him, when none was really warranted.

Nothing to do for it now, he'd have to figure out how to pay it all forward sometime down the line. He busied his mind trying to figure out how he was expected to eat anything, smelling like he did.

Taking a deep breath and getting back into character, he stepped up to the door, and pushed it open.

The door swung in to reveal a fuller bar than had been here earlier. It was filled with the faces of the shorter folk- dwarves, gnomes, and, of course, Halflings- most of whom were tradesmen or crafters of some sort. In the air hung the familiar smoke of inexpensive pipe weed and the smell of tapped kegs. Many tables and “hob-nob posts” as they were called were filled with raucous laughter and din of loud conversation.

Laren could see through the numerous heads that Gibble was furiously working the bar along with two other of his and Larens kin. Several bar-maids, Winnie among them, were constantly moving delivering drinks, picking up empty plates and delivering full ones.

This was a familiar scene that Laren witnessed countless times before- but never in disguise.

As Laren moved into the bar those he came near sniffed the air sensing something out of place- and foul. Realizing where the aroma was coming from they would turn his way. Some would sneer, others would wince, and others would remark with astonishment that Oddy was indeed still around. None made any faces of recognition that Laren was anything beyond who he pretended to be.

Laren caught the slight gesture that Gibble made towards Winnie and with the grace of a dancer dodged between the numerous patrons and approached Laren.

“Oddy! We’ve not seen you  around here for a spell. Come on over here and set at this table away from the ruckus. We can’t be having you stink everyone out now can we? I’ll have Burldak fix you something right quick.”


Laren found himself a little annoyed. They guy's name is Oscar, for crying out loud. I wonder if anyone's ever asked him if it bothers him being called "Oddball"? People are jerks.

"Aye, yes, wouldn't want to turn any stomachs around here." he said sourly. This disguise was going to be more demoralizing than he'd realized. 


By the way, does Laren know Burldak?


Yes, Laren knows Burldak. Burldak is the cousin to Copper, the halfling bartender that was left dead at the door some weeks ago (this was mentioned in a previous post...the name of which i can't recall right now)


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