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N'arth Session 1- "The enemy of my enemy is my friend&a
« on: April 27, 2005, 12:42:49 PM »
Note: This log starts at a changing point in this adventure. events of the past will be in a series of recollections from Quinton and others in this epic.

Session 1 "The enemy of my enemy is my friend"

Saturday April 2nd 2005

Characters involved in this session:

?   Quinton Silverthorn
?   Lor'hion Redleaf
?   Flea ? Trusted sidekick, 12 years old. Skinny. Street rat footpad.
?   Larkin Wyvernstar ? heir to Wyvernstar throne
?   Alleryan Moonbeam ? Elvin cleric from the island of Myritar
?   Elizabeth Blackwood ? ranger serving army of N?arth

The introduction of Lor'hion Redleaf
Lor'hion had just come back to his order at the end of his year wandering alone. There was no doubt that he was now a full druid. During his rite of passage, he was presented with a vision. In the first part of his vision he saw Therin Northwind, Lor'hion?s cousin stealing the family heirloom ?Troll?s Heart? a falchion forged by Elysian Myritar himself, created to fight against the trolls in the fight to defend Flaern. Therin struck down Lor'hion?s (and Therin?s) uncle, as well as his own mother (Lor'hion?s aunt) Lyzalea Arkhen.

Lor'hion knew that he had to go and get the falchion back, and stop his cousin. As children, Lor'hion and Therin were close, but as time passed their paths separated. Lor'hion went to learn from the order of Flaern, and Therin went to learn of Shada. They began to avoid each other because they no longer saw eye to eye.

During his vision, Flaern told Lor'hion that he would have to seek out Quinton Silverthorn, for he could aid Lor'hion in the quest. Lor'hion was shown a vision of Quinton.

?Death from above?Game time: February 22nd

Quinton and his friends are staying at the Salt and Sand Tavern in the fishing town of Fishkill. Quinton speculates that there might be about 500 people in the entire town.

The salt and sand is the only tavern in the entire town, which makes finding Quinton easy on Lor?hion. Lor'hion has been in this town once before many years ago.

Quinton and his friend Alleryan were talking about a book that they had. The book was called the Book of Delthara.    The book was stolen by Flea in a previous adventure with Vecklin O?Ryan.    Evil eminated from the book and caused much consternation within Quinton and Alleryan.

Quinton asked Alleryan if he would read the book because Quinton can not read, having been raised as a peasant farmer.    Alleryan said that he would *really* rather not? however, he would if Quinton was certain that it was what he wanted, and only if Quinton stayed and watched over him, for he feared the sheer evil of the book. Quinton agreed.

Alleryan read the book in a slowed and halting manner, sometimes stopping to pray to Shada. Staying true to Shada and shrugging off any fear, Quinton gives Alleryan comfort as he reads the dark passages. The book turned out to be the holy bible of the Deltharites. It explained that the Deltharites are trying to bring their goddess back with enough power to destroy the world. The Deltharites believe that they will be rewarded in the afterlife for serving Delthara.   They willingly forsake this life for the promise of the next. As Alleryan read, Quinton realized that the Ogres who Flea had stolen the book from were *tracking* it.    The ogres had ambushed Flea and his companions ever since he stole it.    They were even brazen enough to attack Flea in the city of N?arth.

Quinton peeked out the window to make sure nothing was amiss. The only thing that he saw was a man coming toward the tavern from the north, which seemed strange to him. The only way in from the north was from the water. The man must have come via boat.

The man had long brown hair which he kept in a neat pony tail. He stood only five feet ? four inches tall, 120 pounds soaking wet. The man carried himself with an air of confidence that was uncommon for an average traveler.

When Alleryan was done reading the book, he began to pray fervently to cleanse his soul. Quinton took the book from his disturbed friend and looked deeply at the cover. He then took his sword (the sword of Brendan De La N?arth) and put the blade up to the cover saying ?I?m coming for you? to the book as a warning to Delthara. The voices of his fathers before him all rang out in an indistinguishable cacophony. Not wishing to hear any criticism or advice, Quinton sheathes the great sword of Brendan.

Quinton left his friend to his praying and went downstairs to join his friend Larkin. Larkin seemed to have something against his liver, and he was trying to kill it with ale. Quinton greeted his friend and went up to the bar. He ordered two ales and a bowl of chowder.

Lor'hion came into the tavern and saw Quinton at the bar. As he looked at Quinton, Quinton turned and saw Lor'hion. Quinton went back to his table carrying the two ales and his chowder. Lor'hion ordered two ales, water and a bowl of chowder. He brought it all to Quinton?s table, gave Quinton and Larkin the ales, and asked if he could join. He was welcomed.

Lor'hion explained the reason he was looking for Quinton. Quinton made some assumptions about why Lor'hion was looking for troll?s-heart.  Mainly that Lor?hion must be of Arkhen Blood or he could not wield the legendary  falchion.   Therefore, Quinton believed that Lor?hion was trustworthy and agreed to let the druid accompany him on his travels.   Lor'hion remarked on Quinton?s astuteness.

Quinton and Lor'hion have a bit of  conversation about good vs. evil, until Larkin grows too confused for words. Lor'hion realized that at some point Larkin had gotten himself yet another ale? burp.

A wily youth with eyes older than his age comes into the tavern and exchanges looks with Quinton, orders some food and comes to the table. He tells Quinton that they would have to leave within the next three hours in order to meet their transportation.   A ship sailed by the Pirates of Blackport.

The rest of the party eventually came to the table, save for Alleryan. Lor'hion was introduced to everyone. Quinton explained that they would have to be going shortly. They were headed for the Zyrethian tower.

Quinton went back to check on Alleryan and brought a bowl of chowder with him. Alleryan was still praying, kneeling bent forward with his forehead touching the floor. Quinton knew that they had to be leaving soon, but he let the elf continue his prayers, leaving the bowl of chowder next to him on the floor.

Quinton asked  Lor'hion about the flute he wore hanging from his belt. Lor'hion played  the flute and before long the tavern was alive with patrons. The room that could comfortably fit fifty was now packed with over a hundred.

Quinton went back up to check on Alleryan who at this point had finished praying and was just finishing the bowl of chowder. Coming down the stairs, Quinton gave the rest of the group the signal that meant it was time to leave. Lor'hion stopped playing and the crowd got upset. Fortunately Throm, the innkeeper, took up a song and everyone joined him.

Getting Larkin moving was a bit of a problem. With the snow, and the slowly moving Larkin, it took nearly an hour to get to the water. Flea paid the man at the rowboat. The man explained that there would be two trips to get out to the fishing boat. Getting in the rowboat, Larkin very nearly flipped the boat over! Quinton sharply thumps him and chastises him. Larkin glares at Quinton with a hurt look.

 Once aboard the fishing vessel, the whole group was taken far out to sea, where the captain signaled with his lantern to a larger ship.

A large skiff met them and transported them to the pirate ship.  Flea paid the captain (Garret O?Malley), and the party was lead down below the deck.

The second day on the water, someone is sent down to get Quinton. The captain wanted a word with the leader of the group, and whomever Quinton thought should join. Quinton then said that everyone would attend. The messenger warned that the room would be very cramped, but lead on.

Quinton and the captain talked about terms of passage. The captain explained that he would not be taking the group all the way to the tower, but would be stopping no closer than 30 miles south, and leaving the group to their own vices. He explained that he would rather not be seen by the Deltharite Navy that was patrolling the waters near the Zyrithian Tower.

The group agrees. Quinton explains to the captain that he would like him to join him and fight for N?arth. Captain O?Malley just laughs.

The Captain explains to the group that they could come up on deck during certain times, but if they are asked to get below, then they are to do so without hesitation.

Looking about the ship, it?s pretty large, with three masts. There were ballistas on the deck which were about ten feet by ten feet.
Lor'hion and Quinton go to the bow as Quinton wanted to pray. Lor'hion joined him for some chat before the praying. Lor'hion asked why they were heading to the tower, and Quinton explains that the Deltharites have been poisoning the food supplies of certain areas with Red Trillium (a plant) poison. Distilled red trillium is colorless, odorless, and tasteless.   The Deltharites have concocted a temporary cure for the poison, but it lasts for only one day before another dose is necessary to avoid the harmful effects of the red trillium.    They have successfully controlled the populous of N?arth by poisoning the water supplies of all the major cities and strategic outposts.   Now most of the citizens of N?arth must comply with the Deltharites or die from the red trillium.    

Shortly before the invasion of N?arth, the Deltharites managed to poison both the Zyrithian and Shadan Towers.  This effectively neutralized  both schools of magic from aiding in the defense of N?arth.    Unable to find an antidote, the wizards sent emissaries to Quinton and the Army of N?arth to ask for aid.    General Caldwell explained to the emissaries that Quinton had gone in search of an antidote and they could find him at Falkirk?s cottage on the other side of the Blackwood.

Eventually Quinton tracked down Falkirk a former royal herbalist.    He knew of an antidote, which was made of White Trillium and ground Ogre?s teeth.  

Lor'hion remarked that he was under the impression that Ogres were rather attached to their teeth, having no idea of the subject on which he had just touched. Quinton went on to talk about how they got the teeth, and explains that the experience made him question everything that he had believed in. When they went to the Ogre village to gather the teeth, Quinton and company chose to take the teeth from the mouths of the Ogre children, who were playing. Quinton?s problem was that the playing Ogre children were innocent. He did not believe that the children were born Evil. He realized that evil could not be destroyed by more evil and that he was only perpetuating the terror that Delthara delights in.

Lor'hion explained that he saw things differently. Even if the Ogre children were not evil, there would be no way for them to grow up otherwise. Killing the children would be a far less cruel fate. Quinton wasn?t so sure.  

Out on the western horizon suddenly appeared seven small black dots, flying in a V pattern. As the dots came closer it became evident that there in fact were nine. Slowly the nine black dots turned into nine black dragons, and they seemed to be heading for the ship! The whole crew cowers except for Quinton. (Lor'hion: Yeah, I know, I failed the will check. It wasn?t my fault, blame my players? dice!)

As they closed on the boat, out of nowhere came another black dragon about 4 times the size of any of the others, and attacked the nine! He quickly beat the dragons into submission, killing all of them. The larger black dragon (Draaken Korliss) turned toward the ship, clearly seeing it. Quinton got the sense that the dragon acknowledged him. After a moment, it turned and flew back in the direction of N?arth.

Quenton had encountered the legendary Draaken Korliss once before.   They met on a road north of N?arth.  The dragon was disguised as a human traveler in a dark hooded cape. Quinton had seen Draaken Korliss fly over him only a few minutes before the fateful meeting.   When they conversed Quinton sensed an overwhelming amount of power and pure evil within the mysterious traveler.  Therefore he correctly assumed that he was speaking with Draaken Korliss. The one thing that betrayed his identity was the deep yellow eyes with slit pupils. They had acknowledged each other with mutual respect.

The two travelers conversed for a long time about many things including the Deltharites, the history of N?arth, the line of De La N?arth Kings, and the gigantic sword strapped to Quinton?s back.    Draaken Korliss explained that the Deltharites and Delthara herself had gone mad with power and that he, Draaken, sought to destroy their world killing plot. Quinton thought this to be an extraordinary turn of events considering that Draaken was a once an honored champion of Delthara. Quinton then reflected to himself that it was odd that both good and evil could work together if bound by a common goal. They actually found a mutual respect for each other and they both agreed that N?arth was a better place without Delthara and her followers.    This left Quinton wondering if Draaken Korliss was no longer subject to Delthara? s power.   Draaken had quickly put to rest any stray thoughts about an enduring alliance by telling Quinton that as soon as Delthara is beaten back that he?ll return to the Blackwood and remain in what is truly his forest. Quinton stated that when he was actually crowned King that he had no intentions of routing out Draaken, unless, of course, Draaken became a menacing threat. Draaken stated that centuries of building a reputation has paid off as that is more of the threat than he is. Draaken and Quinton shook hands as respected rivals and, strangely, as friends then parted ways.  The next day the mighty black dragon answered his question by planting a Deltharan navy interceptor into the plains near Quinton.   This clearly explained that Draaken Korliss was no longer subject to Delthara.

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