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Happy Birthday!

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I was thining this morning that the FK game started just about this time of year; it's "birthday" must either have just passed or is immenent.

Checking the log, Session 1 ocurred on April 25, 2003. FK is two years old the-day-before-yesterday!


Happy birthday to you, (come on, you all know the song) Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear FK, Happy birthday to you!

Blow out the torches!

Now the Keep gets to open it's presents:

Look! A whole horde of occupants! Won't that be nice? There are men-at-arms, clerics, general worker-bees. Awww, you shouldn't have. *sigh*

What's in this big package? Ohh... a new ballista for the south-west tower! Prettyyyy.  :)

Look at this big package over here: what can it be? Ooohhh...lots of rocks! Just like the ones that the humans were trying make the main walls from! Just what I needed.

I'd like to thank all the people who came to enjoy my birthday with me; it was nice to get together as friends and allies for a change. Thanks to the delgates from the giant-kin from the mountains - I'm *so* glad that you could come and not kill anyone for a change.

And to the Orcs, I realize that this food is not to your tastes, but I'm very gratefull that you haven't tried to eat any of the party-goers. Too bad Himo and his band couldn't be here; the spiders say that they're all tied up at the moment.

Let's agree to get together like this every year - no matter who controls me (the keep).

Gee, Zurn, I'm all a'twitter.

I must say that you also make me feel at 20 feet tall! Of course, I am twenty feet tall...

Zurn: "FK, i know that we've only known each other for a year and half which is most of your life but i must say that you have stood the test of time and have remained loyal to your job as a keep. i feel i'm a better dwarf for knowing you. although i'm only 4 feet 6 inches tall having you as a friend makes me feel at least 5 feet...for a dwarf, that's saying something. i applaud you!"


I thought I'd ping this thread...it's FK's B-Day again!


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