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Chalice of the Holy Grail?

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Not for nothing, but on this journey, Maccabeus is bare-backed and bare-footed. :)

As Bastion polished the cup the runes revealed themselves slowly. Some were etched around the empty pockets and others were artistically placed on the stem and around the brim. He was now able to see them with clarity and thought again about his assessment. Bastion knew right well that these runes were of the Sardiorian language and most likely for specific ceremonies of Sardior. Despite his years of study, Bastion could only guess at their exact meaning and what power might be behind those symbols.

The fact that the symbols were Sardiorian spoke highly of the chalice’s age and significance. Sardorian runes, Bastion knew, were now rarely used (though certainly not entirely mysterious) even by the current priests. Much of the knowledge of them had been lost or worse, yet, censored. Ancient divine artifacts however, were usually laced with them.

The chalice was indeed a rare find and spoke of a different age.

Bastions intent on the chalice was suddenly profound. His study of it was focused in a way that sent him into a trance. In his soul Bastion felt the words, “Guard well The Chalice of The Mathyk.”

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Bastion's eyes widened, and his voice caught in his throat. He recovered quickly, as he knew Dale's eyes were still upon him.

"I may have some idea of what this is," he said. "But I need to read up on it, when we get to the valley.

A thousand thoughts skittered through his mind as he wrapped the chalice in a cloth and tucked it away into his bag. If this Chalice was what he understood it to be, it could be the most paramount discovery for the church in hundreds of years.

How sure could he be though? One does not announce a discovery like this without being sure of it! Bastion was always very thorough, and he would not make conclusions without removing any and all doubt. There was a chance, however infinitesimal, that he misunderstood. He would check, double check, and triple check before he'd confirm one way or another.

For now, it was just an old, worn chalice.

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