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Chalice of the Holy Grail?

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As Dale walked away from the campfire and his conversation with Maccabeus, he started to think over the events of the day.   As he walked, his mind kept coming back to the arachnid's lair.   He just wished that there had been more time to search it for signs of who created it and what it had been used for.   Was there more to the structure that they had not discovered?   The scrolls of arcane spells and the cloak of protection suggest the possibility of the ruin having been occupied by an arcanist.   Could there be clues about Valekai or Sorcer 'Nyx in the arachnid's lair?

Dale stopped in mid stride when he thought about the chalice that Bastion had taken from the lair.   Dale had not truly examined the ornate cup.   Could there be a clue there?  

Dale turned and walked back towards the camp looking for the priest of Sardior.   He hoped he wouldn't find him asleep.   As Dale neared the fire, he spotted Bastion caring for his horse.

Dale approached the priest and greeted him.  "Good evening Bastion.   I was wondering if I might have a word with you?"   Dale stopped on the other side of the horse and patted its head in long strokes along its mane.

Bastian was fumbling with his horse's feedbag, wondering idly what life would be like, if his diet was restricted to oats and hay like that of his horse. He decided it would be unpleasant, and shot a silent feeling of relief and gratitude to Sardior that he was not a horse.

Dale was a bit of an enigma to Bastian, though a lifetime of lust for knowledge and information yielded an education rich enough to give birth to a handful of suspicions regarding the fellow.

Naturally Bastian refrained, as he always did, from making any judgements. He always felt a man should never be judged on his profession, but rather his intentions and actions. Thus far, Dale had proven to be nothing less than honorable.

"Certainly, my good man," he said, dusting the loose bits of hay from the front of his robe. "What's on your mind?"

Dale smiled at Bastion.  “I was wondering if you would let me examine the chalice that we found this afternoon.   Among other things, I have become a student of ancient sites.   I am hoping to see if there are any clues on the chalice as to what the arachnid’s lair had been before it became a ruin.”   Dale let his hand pause upon the horse’s back as he waited for the priest to respond.

Bastion's curiosity was suddenly sparked by Dale's mention of the chalice. Bastion had a vast passion for knowledge, particularly when it had to do with religion and this ritualistic instrument may have been extremely old.

"Of course!" Bastian said excitedly. "Truly, it's origins have been poking at my curiosity as well."

Bastian took the item from his saddlebag and removed the cloth he'd wrapped it in. He turned it in his hand, giving it the first real once-over for what could have been a very, very long time.

OOC: Ready for your description mr. GM sir.

The chalice was badly tarnished silver and bits of dirt clung to the sides. After wiping off the dirt Bastion could make out through the tarnishing some reliefs and engravings which were clearly religious…Sardiorian in fact. Around the body of the chalice were some empty “pockets” which it would seem once held jewels of some sort. Drawing on his past studies, Bastion could tell that it was a ritualistic chalice used in various ceremonies. The age of the chalice was enigmatic but spoke of an older time.


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