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Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"

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Session 23 "A Journey for a Whisper"

Qwydeon Albyr Basque VY 237 (June 5th)

Brief has your time been in Threshold, brief but not uneventful.  Shortly after your arrival you made friends with Ragnar. Ragnar was of a race you’d not ever seen before. He was quiet but showed an acute sense of dignity. It has been two days since you’ve last seen him.

Almost 2 weeks ago you aided Ragnar, Maccabeus, and his Wolf brother in eliminating what has come to be called the nettle demons from the brilliant gold grove overlooking the town from a southern cliff. There have been rumors and whispers about town of various going-ons including some wolves being found in The Fortmount keep.

Mostly though your time has been taken by the continuous games of skill over at Doubeck’s Festhall. In the many betting games at the large pavilion you’ve won some, you’ve lost some, but always there is the fun it.

Your travels and thirst for knowledge have brought you south to the Valley and back again. Many caravan’s have you helped to escort and much time have you had to study what has become the uncommon art of arcane prowess.

In one hand you hold a mystical doctrine and in the other, a large black candle handed to you from your friend Xen K’Stalis. Both of you were members of the  now disbanded Coven of the Eclipse. Each member of the coven was seeking to help bring the waning art of true arcanism back out of darkness so its light could once again be seen.

The journey continues everlasting.

Your time in threshold has been brief although certainly not uneventful. In only a few days you’ve, left your home of Rhohannus, battled creatures of darkness, touched upon the mystery surrounding the mass death of  established clerics, made acquaintances, and become the High Priest of Sardior in Threshold with a trio of acolytes. What else could Sardior have planned for you…perhaps the gift of rest? In your heart you may feel that the plans are otherwise.

Regardless, your acolytes have been working vigilantly at dusting The House of Crimson Eyes and once again making it a place where those that choose to can pray and learn. In some of your rare quiet time you’ve looked through some of the books in the church library. Many are impressively old and some are even from other lands and places. There are scripts that recount various histories and instruct on different crafts. The largest section of texts are devoted to aspects of Sardior. Some instruct on ancient rituals and yet others are more philosophical. All in all, cataloging all of the books and scrolls will keep the three acolytes, Gertrude (female dwarf), Neega 9femake ½ orc), and Tander (male gnome) busy for many days to come.

You look into the mirror and staring back at you is stranger. Do you know this person? Does this person know you? Only time will allow both of you to become familiar to each other. Metaphorically, many sentient creatures experience the struggle of self realization through much of their lives. For you, it’s less metaphorical and more literal.

The elf in the mirror looks back you quizzically. It’s looking for answers to this unfamiliar situation. You look at the elf expecting to see a crystal skinned Maenad but only the elf stares back. The weight of being part of two worlds and a member of none bears down upon you like a heavy backpack. Was reincarnation as an elf a sick joke placed upon you or was it a gift in disguise?

You look around Ashe’s house for any sort of distraction but none present themselves. Time passes slowly and the night’s silence is deafening. With a hopeful sigh you glance back into the mirror. The elf stares back.

The survival of the Goldleaf Grove is upon you and those you choose to take with you to the Valley of Mist. The sickness that has been infused into the trees not only affects them but also the delicate fey creature known as Whisper.

Having returned from his audience with Zebulon and imparted his enigmatic words to you, Ashe has also played a part in this critical mission. Great things are upon you and seemingly made just a bit easier with the good company of your brother, Wolf.

Through the past night, Vallen has sung its songs of wisdom and dirges of sorrow at the state of the beloved grove. Through all of it is the hope of  return.

The majestic Vallenwoods of the Valley of Mist, it is said by those mysterious words, hold a seed to be planted in the grove to cure the defilement of the blessed grove and its warden. Now the time has when you must go there and bring the seed back if the grove is to have any chance of survival.

Wildfire's Note: To whoever writes the game log, feel free to edit the title under the "subject" to be more than just "seesion 23".

Wildfire, have you checked the log that I e-mailed to you? Any comments?

My apologies Johan...I do not see it anywhere in my inbox in either my home email or work email. Could you send it again?

Johan, do you still have your write up of this session? I remember reading it (the reference to Dolph Lundren amused me) but can't locate it now.

Session 23

The five companions journeyed southerly, accompanying a small two-wagon caravan of pilgrims who were by coincidence headed to the valley and in need of a guard, in which capacity the companions agreed to serve.

The late sythus air was just getting to that point where it was due to become laden with humidity, and the heat would be full upon then in a matter of but a few weeks. Maccabeus, bare-backed and bootless, ranged out front of the small caravan by a short bow-shot, serving as guard as he sat astride his brother Wolf. The morning wore on easily.

Less than a hand before mid-day, Wolf pulled up rather abruptly; he sensed something…foreboding. Maccabeus tasted the air; the hair on his nape quivered slightly, but the little gnome couldn’t identify anything tangible – it might be that his hairy warning was little more than an affinity for Wolf’s apprehension. The two backed out of the forward and rejoined the others of the Protectorate, who were still with the small caravan.

After a brief discussion, it is decided to halt the caravan while Dale, Wolf, and Maccabeus explore the region ahead.

Their first discovery is that of a small track off the east side of the road, which they explore. Wolf’s superior nose smelled some villainy and Maccabeus was easily able to tell that someone trod this way only recently – within the last hour. The three companions prowled on warily until, in short order, the track led them to a small Ash Ring.

With but minor conversation, Dale and Maccabeus left the Ash Ring and went back to the caravan. They weren’t willing to spend too much time in this tangent, and Maccabeus was wont to leave the Ring inviolate, as he and Ashe had decided regarding the previous one that those two and Kym had discovered mere weeks ago. Maccabeus made a mental note to speak with Ashe on this Ring upon his return from the Valley.

The company pressed onward. Once the caravan was a hand beyond the Ashe Ring, Maccabeus again ranged out in front of them, again by a short bow-shot. In the evening, watches were assigned and posted, and the night passed without incident.

 Qwydeon Albyr Aryor VY 237 (June 6th)

Aryor began in much the same manner as any on the road: after Maccabeus honored Herself and Her children, a camp-breakfast was enjoyed and the company rolled out just more than a hand past sun-up.

Morning passed and shortly thereafter they came upon a broken-down wagon on the side of the road with a bedraggled elderly gentleman hiding in it. The man claimed to be the lone survivor of a small group of pilgrims that were headed to the valley. He claimed that they were beset by a group of bandits and carried off. He got away and made his way back to the wagon, hoping that someone would find him.

In front of the wagon, two horse carcasses rotted; they were killed within the last days, and arrows protruded from them. The old man requested that the companions try to rescue his friends; they were taken away in *that* direction (westwards).
 Dale didn’t buy a mote of this old man’s crap, but the rest of us cajoled the rogue into submission and the democracy decided to go and try to save the old man’s friends.

We followed the old man’s directions and shortly came upon a dense thicket of trees with a crude, but effective wooden wall stretching from tree to tree forming a misshapen circle. Looking through the entrance into this wooden fort the companions could see people keeping guard and patrol.

There seemed to be ought to do but charge into the fort to save the prisoners. Wolf bore Maccabeus into the hold boldly…like a pair of briar-berry idiots. It became instantly evident that this was an elaborate trap; as the brothers entered the fort, their scene abruptly changed to the wooden fort as they saw it from the outside but with instead of people there were webs. They could also see a cave that was choked with spider webs. The two immediately tried to pull out, but they were ensnared in the webs pretty effectively.

Bastion noticed that the old man was now some sort of spider creature and quietly pointed the oddity to out to Dale. The Spider Creature noticing that he had been discovered, cast a spell and put L’Roigh to sleep and dazed Dale. Battle ensued with only Bastion and Ragnar left to defend. Various spells flew back and forth and damage was done. Dale came out of his confused state, L’roigh was still asleep, the spider guy changed into nearly a full spider and began to run away with the others were in pursuit.

Wolf’s great strength tore at the cob webs and he bore Maccabeus back out from the cave. Once outside, they assessed the state of affairs there. Maccabeus and Wolf saw the spider guy had turned into more like a spider and was running from two very enthusiastic members of the Protectorate. Thinking quickly, Mac entangled the beaten spider thing and the others finished it off. The company was triumphant. As we gathered our collective minds and thoughts, we explored the cave, burning off the spider webs so as to be able to see around better.

Dale found an odd section of wall in the stone worked cavern, which secreted a compartment, which in turn held 3 scrolls wrapped in a cloak. On the cavern floor was an assortment of equipment, clothes, coins, gems, and an old silver chalice.

The companions, now fully aware that they had been duped and (at least on Maccabeus’ part) acutely aware of the fact that they should have listened to Dale and just killed the old man when the found him at the wagon (perhaps next time?), heighed back to the road, and collected their own two wagons to continue their way south.

They pushed on into the night, having lost more time than they would have liked with spiderman, but also wanting very much to arrive at the entrance to the valley by the end of the day’s travel.

Mission accomplished: arrival at the wall that is the northern perimeter of the Valley of Mists (Maccabeus broke down in a fit of pious expectation!) 

As the companions set in for the night, planning their moves for the following days (it’s actually the case that we have no friggin’ clue where we might be going after we surmount the bulwark and descend into the Valley), they find themselves in combat!

Attacked by Dolph Lundgren in the night, a viscous battle is engaged. The companions win, but Dolph hits REAL HARD. Bastion’s adeptness in the healing arts proves a decided asset.

End of session?

Did I get this right? Or did we fight Dolph on the same night that we found the Ash Ring? I believe that you guys fought Dolph on the night of arriving to the Valley entrance. The two caravans were not with you (the people in the caravans would have been annihilated if they were!). There was much discussion about Dolph and having visited the ash ring and if he followed you guys all that way.

I’m a bit hazy, and I’m sorry for letting this go so long before I addressed it. I can’t find my notes either. Also, Drew, I don’t recall the details of Dolph’s attire or weaponry, but I have a nag that says both were unusual. He didn’t have any loot either, right?

Dolph had ragged clothes, wild hair, half whitened eyes that had a constant steam of blood flowing from them, and plated wrist razor gauntlets that had 2 long serrated blades protruding out the end (ala Wolverine) that caused some very wicked lacerations. He did not have any common treasure.


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