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When the Going Gets Tough
« on: September 08, 2009, 07:54:50 PM »
This is a post that takes place 3 years before current time and follows "Dray's Past; Kit's Future"

When the Going Gets Tough

Verindock Arek Fehy VY 234 (20 October)

Haleth looked at Dray lying on the ground. Secretly he felt sorry for the lad. He just lost his best friend and her family. He thought that maybe he should lighten up a bit on him given the trauma he had just been through. Then again, the world was filled with people that would not show mercy and would certainly not give quarter to personal loss. Haleth had to teach the boy resilience and tenacity.

“Get up feather boy!” Haleth barked mockingly. “Just because you let your guard down to my backhand does not mean today’s sword lesson is over. Now quit pansying around and get on your feet. The longer you lie down the harder I’ll hit.”

Dray could feel the blood pouring from his nose even before he hit the wooden floor from the brutal backhand. He had quickly learned that Haleth was relentless in his training and rarely pulled punches. He kept reminding himself that the first week was the hardest. That once he got through it the training would become easier.

Dray clearly didn’t know Haleth very well in this regard. For now it was the second week of his weapon training and he hurt even more than the first week.

Haleth swung his wooden sword in quick sweeping arcs with feline dexterity as he waited for Dray to find his balance.

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