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Hey guys, I'm doing some Threshold admin in preparation of getting fully back on the horse and getting it into a gallop. I'm organizing the Sessions and Threads on my Master Calendar sheet (which you will be getting a players copy when it's updated) and noticed the mysterious case of Session 20 in the game log. "Tripwires" was originally posted as 20 but really, it's 21...no biggy.

What's the mystery? It's not there. It's part of the Cliffside Crypts Series (part 5 I believe) and in the session Ragnar valiantly sacrificed himself to save the party...well, sort of.

Does anyone have a record of this session that can be posted?

I do not...but YAY THRESHOLD!

Okay, I sent everyone a copy (except Hemo since I don't know his addy...confer with your Dad Hemo) of the Calendar Chronology.

Since there a few stories going on at the same time (you'd think I'd learn after 25 years...) I find it really interesting to see who's doing what as compared to everyone else and when.

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Oh, by the by...it's in Excel format. Hopefully the Mac's of the group can open it up ;)

Just getting back on my computer.

"Tripwires" would be the log for the session with the crystal spiders. We had to go looking for dwarfies in a cave.

Maccabeus, Hafaveraal, Ragnar...maybe Maal. I'm surprised that it's not there. I know that I wrote a poor excuse for a log a few months ago - long after the session actually was played. I'll try to dig around my systems and see if I saved it somewhere other than the site here.

Oh, and although I haven't looked at the chronology as yet, I do know that you sent me the wrong version: I got the one that says "Players", and I know you wouldn't lump me in with THAT drivel. :)

As we discussed in WoW...Tripwires is there but had the wrong session number.

Session 20 is "Have fun storming the Castle!" where you guys valiently snuck into the Fortmount and took on the dastardly ones face to face...or face to muzzle as the case may be. Ragnar got crushed by one of the Shadewolf charges and you guys carried him back out of the crypts to...well, somewhere...refer to "victory at a cost" ICD.


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