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Well timed arrival, or planned intervention?

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"Ah, no, no. I'm fine." Belwar scratched uneasily at his jaw.

"So ah... I was thinkin about how you priests are always sayin tha the gods are watchin and there are no coincidences, and such..."

Belwar's tone clearly betrayed his unease. For the first time in his life he was beginning to realize that maybe he was not really alone, maybe there was someone looking over him. Not only was he thinking about his purpose in life now, but also admitting to himself that he may have been wrong for all these years.

Zurn’s eyebrow twitched with curiosity at the uneasy dwarf’s lead. He was a priest but not one that used his faith as a battering ram on other people. He felt that if anything, that manner of approach was the counterweight to actually achieving the intended goal. People of all races had to come to discover their faith for themselves instead of being forced into it. Zurn’s heart lightened at seeing that perhaps Belwar had come to this discovery.

“Aye…tha’ be right, friend. No such thing as a coincidence.” Zurn stated as he dressed a minor wound on his leg. “What ye be thinking on tha’ then? If’n ye dunna mind o’ me asking” Zurn was not a dwarf to force faith on anyone, but he certainly didn’t mind talking with folks on it if they asked. He found himself to be joyous in speaking of it. Much had happened in their journeys to test his faith and also bolster it; the wayward priest Dannobar chief among them. To talk of faith served as an unexpected release from the weight of his own thoughts.

"Ah. I um. Wull..." Belwar stuttered. He paused a moment, and sighed.

"Um wonderin if perhaps I'm bein nudged," he said finally. "I never was devout, exactly, and shortly before arrivin at the keep, what little faith I might have had was stretched."

Belwar's voice thickened a bit with remorse. "Then when I killed Dannobar, and saw the sorrow on the faces of his friends, I figured I'd sealed my fate." He let the thought hang in the air for a moment.

Belwar's tone switched to one of curiosity. "But a temple to Moradin... A thing seldom found out here on the surface, suddenly shows up, and we just happen ta be here at the right time ta protect it from danger? I'm the only follower of Moradin I know of around here, and when it needed protectin, I was able to help."

Curiousity changed to hope. "Um thinkin I owe a debt fer turnin me back on him, and he's given me the chance right here." He pointed at the temple.

"Am I makin any sense?" he asked Zyrn as much as himself.

The words made perfect sense to Zurn. The mere fact that Belwar was considering this could very well have meant that Moradin did indeed have his hand on dwarven warriors shoulder.

Zurn stopped dressing his wound for a moment and looked at his friend. “Ye ever be considerin’ that Moradin kept his faith in ye…” and Zurn pointed at Belwar to emphasize the word, “…even if’n ye may not have seen yer faith in him?” Before Belwar had a chance to answer, Zurn continued, “So often we be stickin’ to tha’ direction of our moral weathervane and tha’ act o’ that be enough to please tha’ deity we’re akin ta even if we dunna know it.”

The cleric considered his own words as he finished dressing his wound. “If’n ye believe tha’ Moradin be guiding ye on yer trail…then he is. If’n ye believe tha’ Moradin sent ye here ta reclaim his lost temple…then he be doin’ tha’ too.” Zurn stood up on his sore but bandaged leg and looked Belwar in the eyes. He offered him a smile and stated, “If’n ye believe, in yer Moradin forged heart an soul, that ye be doin’ tha’ right thing then the All-Father be seeing that as yer honor ta him.”

Zurn shifted his weight on his wounded leg to test its strength for traveling. He bent his knee, moving him up and down, for further examination.  It twinged some but was certainly good enough for travel. He looked up at Belwar and gave him a nodding smile and a satisfied grunt. “Not too bad methinks.” Zurn surmised.

Belwar frowned in confusion. It was very clear to anyone looking at him, that his mind was just blown.

"...Sooo, yer sayin' he was. ...aye?"


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