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Well timed arrival, or planned intervention?

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Belwar scowled as he wiped the fresh blood from his Axe using a scrap of cloth he'd torn from a fallen giant's shirt. He wondered to himself if this was going to be something that he'd have to contend with if and when they were successful in relocating the Gracchi.

He knew that there'd always be adversaries, and there'd inevitably be conflict at some point. Belwar sighed admitting only to himself that he wouldn't mind a break from the bloodshed. Grinning, he said to himself, Ach, yer soundin like an old man!

Satisfied that his Axe was as clean as this not-so-clean rag would make it, Belwar turned his attentions to the rest of the group. Having given chase to the fleeing foes, they were down field. They'd caught the giant and finished the job, but a couple of Gnolls seemed to have gotten away. Just as well, Belwar thought. Perhaps they'll teach their families to think twice before planning against a Dwarven temple!

The thought struck Belwar like a bolt from the skies. He'd heard Zurn talk about events that Belwar had always dismissed as coincidence before. uncomfortably, Belwar turned his eyes to the sky and wondered if Moradin had sent the formidable group from the Keep to this spot to help rid a threat? Could it be more than coincidence that the group came upon a mound of stones?

The thought sent shivers down Belwar's spine. A strange feeling washed over him that he couldn't readily identify. It was a feeling that someone was watching. Not merely watching him, but watching over him. It was slightly creepy a feeling, and yet comforting. The thought brought a strange calm over Belwar, regardless of the rush that was present during and after a heated battle.

He wondered what Zurn would say.

Belwar turned his attentions to the rest of the group, and walked out to rejoin them.

Belwar approached Zurn. "You uh... ok? Take any hits?" The concern in his voice sounded very forced.

OOC: Any particular Game Log I need to review for this thread? The giants mentioned is familiar to me I just don't recall specific details...and I would like to.

I seem to remember Zurns heat metal spell fizzle-popped and didn't do anything...LOL

I THINK it's http://griznuq.com/e107_plugins/forum/forum_viewtopic.php?8413, but the gist is that we arrived just before a gang of gargan, and thwarted their siege on the temple, and now Belwar is beginning to find his faith. (Setting up to take a level in Paladin).

Zurn came through the battle with more hits than he wanted but not as many as he could have suffered. So for him, he was fine. He wasn’t one to complain of pain or injury as his focus was on his comrades pain and injury and mitigating it as much as possible.

Battle with giants and their cousins was never easy, especially when they had lackeys that did their dirty work while they hurled rocks. If some of the common ones ever became smart, Zurn suspected that giants would be able to accomplish nearly anything.

“I got me some bruises but not a one I canna deal with” said the priest. “Looking over Belwar, Zurn asked, “And yerself, how ye be doing? Anything that needs some o’ me attention?”


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