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Where are we in Time?

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--- Quote from: Dray ---
...the second day promises to be even more interesting than the first.

--- End quote ---

Let's hope so! :P

Yeah: Harry didn't have a lot to do on the first day. And Matt didn't even fall asleep! :)

Yeah, Harry's medic team was unnecessary because the meta-gaming-work of Himo and Johan foiling my diabolical plans. MOAB's and small missile fire will be used in the second half of this WarGame.

I think I would prefer a face to face game session for day 2. Why? Well, not to sound like an asshole but vigilance in posting is not necessarily met with enthusiasm or attention from everyone.

That said, if it would serve the overall story better and get folks involved with finer RP for their characters then let's ICD it...with enthusiasm and attention.


Working on a Girl In Hell right now sir.



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