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A Scout's Report

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I'll let you guys figure out where this falls in the chronology thread I'm about to post.

This is actually ocurring in the future, relative to the main game. As I recall, Crew Belwar are right now heding out to the Garachi on thier mission to remove them from the dwarven ruin that they're in.

My apologies, I didn't realize there was a reply...no red dot.

Tavish nodded without a smile. “Thank you sir. If you need any assistance as to the lay of the land or otherwise, I’ll be here.”

Tavish felt slightly out of place being at the keep. Her place was in the wilds. The keep, being in relatively unknown land, was far better than being in a town or, Ehlonna forbid, a city. It seemed unnatural to her to be smelling the fires of a forge and hearing the bustle of an army. Even to eat her food at an inn was odd to her. Her meals were mostly from fresh kills over an open flame.

Tavish was a soldier though and she put her personal preferences on the back hearth for what was a greater mission. Her charge was to help the keep gain a foothold against the reported gargan in the area. The satisfaction of spilling their muddy blood offered her great comfort and was worth the sacrifice of her simple pleasures.

Tavish made her way to the inn and in scout fashion, instinctively peered inside to see if the area was clear and safe. Satisfied that no harm would come to her, she entered the door feeling crowded by what felt like close walls.

Not sure that there's any more to this thread. Wildfire?


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