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A Scout's Report

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Upon her return to the Keep, Tavish found it easy to locate Cannotaine to give her report. The Master of Scouts was busy conveying orders to Jorj, another of the Keep's young scouts - this one was a large half orc who Tavish thought must have been born in the depths of the forest.

"Report back to me within the week." Cannotaine was finishing.

Jorj grunted his understanding and wordlessly strode off towards the gate.

Cannotaine's eye fell upon the young half elf lass and he smiled slightly. "Welcome back, Tavish." He said. "You have anything to tell me?" Of course she did; and she knew that he was fully aware that she did. This was just his way of giving her the floor.

OOC: Is this an interlude? OR did one of us whitness this?

Tavish is Wildfire's character in the game that we played a couple of weeks ago with the second boy. This ICD is a result of that session.

Tavish saluted the Scout Master with respect. It was a formality that was hardly ever enforced within the ranks of the forest runners but Tavish felt it to be a sign of acknowledgment in the master’s skill.

She pulled the ornate decanter from her backpack and held it towards the woodsman, “The mission was a success Master Cannotaine. There was some trouble in the cave but as you can see, we’ve returned.”

The young scout felt that the mission report was minor in comparison to what the party discovered while on the retrieval. Her concern first and foremost was for the forward safety of the garrison. What was revealed could be a threat to that. “Locating the cave with the water spring was of little difficulty but what we discovered on our way there will interest you I’m sure.”

“About a day’s travel out, we found a camp not too far from our night camp. They had a fire at night and also spied on us. We never got a good look at them but they weren’t very big and their eyes glowed red.” Tavish looked at Cannotaine for any sign of revelation in the wise mans face. He did seem genuinely curious. “We tracked out to the camp in the morning to see what we could and it was emptied…though well used. Eager to complete the task at hand, we traveled to the cave.” Tavish privately wondered if she was being too formal. Cannotaine was the master of scouts after all. Perhaps she could be less rigid with her speech. Better to err on the side of caution she surmised.

“Well, on our way back we encountered them…they were bold enough to make an attack. Though they weren’t very strong by themselves…in great numbers I feel they could be significant. We tracked back to the camp to find supplies and this…” Tavish pulled the tarnished brass brooch with the twisted face from her pouch and held towards the venerable scout. “I’ve never seen this before but it can’t be good. It think they are bound by some sort of organization. As for the supply crates, from my deciphering, the main tracks brought them southwest. Have we sent any scouts in that direction or gotten any reports from that area, sir?”

Cannotaine took the decantur from Tavish gratefully. "Thet's a good job." He said appreciatively. "An' welcome beck asides." He added.

He listened with apparently growing concern as Tavish continued her report. Shifting the dacantur to his right hand, he reached out with his left and took the button from Tavish's outstretched hand, examining it as the young scout continued her report. "Neh." He said as his presonality became a mote more developed. "I never seen it's like. I'll hefta talk to the commander onnit." He looked at her meaningfully then. "I'll like heve anuther job fer you soon, then." He said.

"Inna meantime, go and git you some food and rest. Ya look a-fright." He smiled his best friendly gap-toothed smile.


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