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Unlocking the Door

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Unlocking the Door

Duthash Dracum Basque VY 237(May 29)

Bastion stood on the steps of the temple and surveyed the grand building. The ornament and subtleties of the architecture held symbolic meaning that was certainly not lost on the priest. The windows of The House of Crimson Eyes were a deep ruby color befit of Sardiaor himself who, when manifested, took on the visage of a Ruby Dragon. Bastion thought for a moment that he saw a brilliance emanating from inside. Yet, Julius had told him no one had been inside for nearly a year. Perhaps it was a sign from Sardior himself?

With each step that Bastion took toward the large double doors he felt more and more at home. There was a comfort growing from within him whispering that he was where he was meant to be. He looked down at the key in his hand knowing that it was more than just the key to the temple. He looked at the door before him knowing that it was more than just the entrance to the building. He knew that unlocking the door would unlock the path to his future and his path to further understanding of truth.

Bastion could sense that the mountain river valley that cradled Threshold held a blessed magic of its own.  

Bastion said goodbye to his past of following and embraced fully his future of leading and bringing hope and faith to a people who had been forgotten.

Bastion unlocked the door.

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The doors swung open with little effort and Bastion lost his breath at the sight before him. A fifteen foot ruby statue of Sardior rested at the opposite end of the domed ceremony room. It stood upon its haunches with wings outspread filling the grand chamber. It was almost as though the temple was built around the icon. Kossuth shed its light through the balcony windows and the lifelike statue refracted that light back out bathing the chamber in a brilliant crimson glow. Amidst the flood of scarlet light the left sapphire eye winked with a twinkle.

At the base of the statue’s pedestal, depressed from Bastion’s vantage point, was a large alter already set for daily ritual. The awe struck priest could see, even from where he stood, that the pews, the floor, and even the altar were laced with dust. The statue, however, was not. Despite the dust, the interior ornament of the wood and stone work held true and made the room of the jeweled deity that much more breathtaking.

Were it not for the divine scene stealing his attention, Bastion would have been aware of the curious crowd gathering behind him. The impassioned ensemble cooed with reverence and some even knelt down in praise of the temples awakening and the deity whose house it was.

Bastion's gaping mouth closed slowly as the shock of such a grandiose place dissipated. He was conflicted. This place was obviously constructed with the best of intentions, but paying tribute to a god who treasured neutrality was nearly unnecessary, as long as the life you lead was dedicated to balance.

The sharp contrast between the wealth in this one room and that of the rest of the town nearly stung. It would have been wiser to sell these gemstones to protect the town, rather than offer them up to a god who whose values lay elsewhere.

With a deep breath, Bastion decided to let it go for the time being. Sometimes to help a person, you had to let them sacrifice of themselves. Some people needed to give in order to feel like they've recieved.

Still though, the beauty was impressive, he had to admit.

Bastion's replaced the slight frown that had found it's way to his face with a pleasant smile, as he turned his attention to the crowd within.

The throng of people that had gathered outside of the temple doors stood in near disbelief at the sight of the open doors. Bastion could see an odd look of relief on their faces and noticed that some had tear welled eyes.

An older sturdy looking dwarf that was standing at the front of the crowd gave Bastion a reassuring nod. He wasn’t sure if it would offer the young priest any comfort but he nodded just the same.

Slowly the crowd began to clap their approval. It was a modest tempo but swiftly gained speed. Cheers and hoorays joined the applause and soon the noise became as consuming as a waterfall.

Three figures stepped forward and the cheering died down as fast as it had risen. The trinity seemed to be an unlikely combination of folks but echoed the diversity that Threshold offered. A female dwarf, a male gnome, and a female half-orc approached Bastion with confident humility.

The female dwarf spoke up, “Good sir, we’ve been waiting for you.”


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