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Laren's Off-time


Laren is always doing what it takes to play people's emotions, one way or another. His favorite thing is to make them laugh, impressing and inspiring awe coming second, and at times he will offer a little philosophy, but most of the time it's got an air of jest.

He likes to spend his time relaxing when he can. Gaming, dicing but never gambling. He can usually be found at the bar, but he never drinks more than just a couple. Now and then he will tell a story just a little louder than normal to get a larger crowd. He only tells stories that end happily or comedically.

Laren is a very supersticious individual.

Interesting how a character changes as you get to know him. Laren is actually very much a a jovial fellow, but it seldom has more to do with the people around him as it does him simply trying to enjoy himself. If other's laugh at the jokes he finds funny, all the better, but if he's not having a good time, it's his own fault.

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