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01.02.2133 - Spar by the Bonfire

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Temmit chuckled. "She's cute, all right, but she's too young and skinny. What about Shannon?" He asked, delving into Marcus's playground. "She's in the Actor's house, isn't she?" He popped into his mouth one of the crackers that he had been provided.

"Is your mother convinced that puberty is natural yet?" He shook his head in sympathy for Marcus's supposed plight. "I still can't believe that you had to meet the Quintescent because of puberty." He laughed slightly again.

"Yeah, I will have to kill my mother for that one eh?" he said with a completely friendly laugh that didn't match he statement whatsoever, it made Temmit's spine crawl. HATRED

"Shannon's sweet enough... nice chest, and she sure would be an emotional one in the skinny I imagine." WICKEDNESS

Temmit had never heard the expression before.

Marcus looked straight at Temmit and said, "But I like it when the little one's squirm." EVIL

"Don't play his game. Or don't let him win, at any rate." Smokey whispered, even before Marcus spoke this last provocation. "Remember: he's reading you, and learning your tells. He's trying to shock emotions out of you."

Temmit placed a binding on his mental chest, as he had long since come to model his emotional containment upon. Smokey's words serverd very well as those bindings.

"Damn, man!" Temmit laughed quietly. "You're sick!" He forced an 'inadvertant' snort, which made him cough on the cracker he had been eating, and he laughed a bit more in the doing. "How they squirm!" He whispered in echoe to Marcus's perversion.

"I guess you have more experience than I do." Temmit admitted, still lauging slightly. He took a drink to wash down his cracker and to give his face something to do as he steeled himself for Marcus's next assault.

"You can learn an awful lot about what makes a person fearful by observing what he uses to scare you." Smokey observed.

The truth in these words spoke volumes to Temmit. Marcus was trying to make Temmit angry, and the tactics that the doppleganger used told Temmit quite a lot, really. He wondered what might be next on Marcus's salvo.

"In a great deal many things," he responded matter of factly. CONCEIT

"So what happened to your squirmy little friend, where did she really get those bruises?" CURIOUS

"So here's the investigation." Smokey said. "Trouble is, is he really investigating Leslie's accident?"

"Not likely." Temmit answered. "But the answer to that question is information that I don't want him to have either."

"Certainly, but it's likely that what he's trying to do is get you into comfortable territory so that you'll let your guard drop. This means, of course, that as far as he knows, you're only comfortable with Leslie; he doesn't know you at all, and yet he does."

Temmit smiled inquisitively at Marcus. "I hear tell she fell and smacked her head...you do seem awfully fixated on her though; what's up with that? You interested?"

Then a thought occurred to Temmit. "Why do you ask about her bruises? Did you hear a different story?" He asked conspiratorially.


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