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01.02.2133 - Spar by the Bonfire

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In Temmit's mind, one thing was for certain as the chameleon sat down next to him...the boy had skills.

He hadn't even sensed him coming, an unsual and scary fact for Temmit. Especially since Temmit had tacked Marcus' location ever since they left Our-Commons that morning.

"Hello Temmit," Marcus said in a friendly greeting as he sat down on the ground beside him. "Exciting stuff eh?" CURIOUS

River was probably very close to finishing the setup of their tent thought Temmit. And even if River didn't perchance spy the enemy sitting down next to him, he would be there soon. And he knew the hunter would have the good sense to flank Marcus should action be required.

Not that Temmit expected it would be, after all, hundreds of kids were about.

Naturally, I've got Sense Motive on full blast here...I think I'll blow my focus for an Empathy check too.

Also, am I to assume that I haven't run into Marcus since that day in the Church?

"Hey! How you doing, Marcus?" Temmit asked in his most friendly fashion. "Exciting is certainly a good choice of words. You got any thoughts on how tomorrow will go?"

You haven't had a face to face encounter no, but you have caught his eye contact once in awhile.

..and damned isn't that funny when Temmit is acting like that.

"Nope, no idea, but I certainly wouldn't mind finally getting a chance at proving myself," he returned. VANITY

"How about you? Have any ideas on what surprises they have in store for us?" CURIOUS

(I will need a sense motive roll sir...the game is afoot. And while you are at it, you may want to roll bluff in future posts should you try to conceal your own body language while distorting any truths, or, trying to dim your body language in any way)

Sense Motive: Natural 17, modified 30. Don't forget the Empathy that's up. I'll make Bluff rolls as I think they are required.

"Nah." Teemit answered. "I'm in the dark as much as anyone, I think. I've never been involved in one of these games either, but I hear that the big feast, and the presence of our August hosts is quite unusual. Makes me really wonder what they're hoping to see."

He sucked his tongue for a moment, then changed the subject. "So how is it that you managed to change houses anyway?" He asked. "That time in the forest finally convince you that you're no plant grower?" He smiled jokingly.

Bluff: Natural 5, modifed 21. Don't forget you are messing with someone with skill.

The small note of surprise that Marcus had at the question was very satisfying to Temmit.

It only took a moment for Marcus to collect his resolve though, and then he replied with a bit less friendly manner.

"That time in the forest was time well spent, I got my head around a few things," he said, then paused for a few moments. DECEIT

His light manner returned. "After all, the plant growers don't get the girls, and their are a ton of girls in the Actors House eh?" WICKEDNESS

His voice got very serious.

"Girls like Leslie." EVIL

Temmit knew that Marcus was testing him. Marcus was making statements not only to ignite an emotional reaction in him but to watch him as he did so, that way Marucs could learn the visual queues that would make reading Temmit easier at a later date.


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