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07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth

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"Heh," Harrison said pulling the nutcase from his pocket.  "I certainly did!"

Harrison insisted on paying for every refil of the nut case.

The smell of cinnamin-coated chestnuts wafter up and out of the opened lid in the cart and into Harrison's nose. Paying for chestnuts wasn't hard once that lid was open.

"So how is life treating you young Master?"

Harrison wondered if he should answer truthfully.

"Sometimes you're the plow, other times you're the soil," he said simply.

"Montey, I think I made a mistake in choosing the Harvesters. I think I would benefit much more by being in the Clergy house."

Montey paused a moment as if considering something, he then asked as gently as he could.

"Like Jonah?"

Harrison smiled, fully understanding Montey's point. "Yes and no. And, I wonder if it's possible to be IN that house and NEVER run into him." Harrison hadn't even considered that he'd see his father again.

"Anyway, my father saw holes in it all, he just chose to ignore them. Maybe he was forced to, who knows."

"But I'll never know how much is wrong, until I know how much there is. Right now, I don't even know the fundamentals of etiqutte in a church, and it's causing me problems," he explained, rubbing the rib he'd mended upon returning to his room after the Ball.


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