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07.25.2127 - A Boy of the Cloth

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Harrison sat in his favorite spot amongst the trees of the park district and watched as Clive teased the "normal" squirrels.

It had been two months since the Ascension Day Grande Ball and he had much on his mind.

Harrison climbed slowly down from his perch and strolled out to greet his older friend.

Right on time, Montey appeared a few hundred feet on the sidewalk from around a bend and was making his way towards him while whistling a ditty.

He saw Harrison waiting for him, and waved with a smile. Even the day's overcast sky which threatened rain didn't downplay Montey's mood. Never did.

Harrison's mind, on the other hand, was quite dark this day. Since the ballroom, he'd realized that there was quite a bit that he didn't know about Our Commons, and his ignorance was getting him in trouble.

Any trouble he got into, had potential to get others in trouble as well, specifically Emma. Harrison knew that anything either one of them did from now on could in some way be construed as a negative influence from the other. After their intial meeting, and his discussion in the ballroom with the judge, they would forever be thought of in unison.

The only logical answer to his problems was to learn. He would never learn anything about the social mechanics in the Harvester's house.

There were many questions that Harrison had asked no one in particular since he'd been made to choose a house, and they were all about things that were taught in a house he'd not chosen.

Harrison had decided that he wanted to be a member of the Clergy house. As sour as it sounded to Harrison, he knew in his heart that it was the only way to find the answers he sought. Perhaps it would help to bring him closer to Emma as well.

He made himself discard the thought. He'd caused her enough grief already. The best thing he could do for either of them was stay clear of her.

"Hello Harrison, bring the nutcase for a refill? How are you today my friend?" asked Montey as he put the front legs down of his cart.


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