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A thanks and A warning (Completed)

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"What mote of their speaking tells you that it was this one about whom they spoke?" Eswarth asked.

"They made several mention of horrible deads. They went into great detal describing his body..." she said looking uncomfortabe. "They said that his insides would come out."

"I am sorry, my Sister, to ask you to relive such vile images." Eswarth apologized. "I will speak on this with Charon when he awakens. Have ye any wisdom for us?"

"I know nothing further. If your intent is to catch up with them, I can slow their process, you could catch them quickly. If this is not your intent, I will let them pass."

Eswarth considered Ballorie's words for only a moment. "Alas," he began, "I cannot know our intentions ere I speak upon it with the youngling." He said. "As I say: I'll speak with him on it upon his awakening; I trust that you will in some aspect be present and know our thinking?"

Of course, Eswarth would prefer to be able to answer promptly, but he was nearly entirely in the dark as regards these half-twisted shadows.


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